How the Rides Work at Great Adventure Work

by Mrs. Pepe's Physics Class


The Rides at Great Adventure and How They Relate to Physics
By Mrs. Pepe and her 2013-2014 Physics Class
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10.5 stories
50 mph
The ride wasn't damaged during Sandy
When you're sitting in the ride car waiting for the ride to start, you are at rest.
When it goes through a loop, it gets faster.
Going upside down on a loop and then being brought right side up again.
Name: Talon
Height: 135 ft
Maximum Speed: 58 mph
Built in May 2001
Not damaged from hurricane sandy
Newtons 1st Law: When you get to the top of the roller coaster you go downwards and you stay in motion for the whole rest of the ride.
Newtons 2nd Law: The rides force is applied by the mass from all the people on the ride and is a continuous force for the rest of the ride.
Newton 3rd Law: When the roller coaster goes through a loop the cart exerts a force on you, changing your direction. In turn, you exert an equal and opposite force on the cart which keeps you in your seat.