The Big Book of Robot Challenges

by Mr. Hubbard's 6th grade STEM classes



Learning Targets:
ISTE standards: 4c, 6d, 7c
1. We will develop, test, and refine our own robotics challenges.

2. We will work constructively and responsibly with group members to work toward our common goal.

3. We will publish our robotics challenges on Book Creator to deliver STEM challenges for students around the world.
Hello Students!
Your team must create a challenge for other students to try with their robots they build in their own classes! The challenge could involve fastest time, navigating a course, picking up and moving objects or something totally wild, but you need a story, materials, setup and rules. Follow Mr. Hubbard's example and use your group's pages to create your very own!
Challenge Title
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2734: After The Humans...
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Mr. Hubbard
the stage...
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It is the year 2734. The humans are long since gone after the Robot Apocalypse of the 2400s. Some less advanced clawbots still roam the Earth, cleaning up the humans mess.
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1 clawbot, Old tech equipment (marked with point values), Blue masking tape for start and finish boxes
1. Your bot's wheels must start in the starting box.
2. You have 3 minutes.
3. You may push or pick up the garbage.
4. Garbage must be ENTIRELY inside the target area to count for points.
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Setup &
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-Starting Area...tape a box area on floor for robot to start.
-Finish Area...tape a 3 ft x 1.5 ft box to push garbage into.
-Have a student set up an online timer on their chromebook for 3 min.
-Place one clawbot in the starting area.
-When the timer says GO, begin pushing or picking up the old tech garbage and moving it to the Finish Area in any order. If playing with team members, rotate players to let everyone control bot.
-Gameplay stops when the timer says STOP. Tally points for any garbage that is completely inside the Finish Area.
Pics of Setup/More Info:
Old tech garbage marked with points based on difficulty.