ABC = Accessibility + Book Creator

by Lindsay Foster (@ LFTechTeach)


letter A
letter B
letter C
Accessibility + Book Creator
Accessibility icon proposed by the Accessible Icon Project
Letter A
A is for Alternative Text.
Screenshot of Book Creator "i" option for images showing Alternative text block
Screenshot of Book Creator Author Certification highlighting Accessibility Features section
Letter B
B is for Book Creator Certifications.
Letter C
ABCs = Accessibility + Book Creator black font on a white background
C is for Color.
ABCs = Accessibility + Book Creator white font on a black background
Use light on dark or dark on light. Check your color contrast.
"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." Maya Angelou
Letter D
D is for Do Better.
Letter E
E is for Everyone.
Three people sitting on a wooden bench looking at a display art installation of photographs of diverse peoples.