Help The World

by Ava Smith


By: Ava
1. Throwing trash on the ground.
2. Not enough batteries.
3. Animals are dying.
1. Put recycle bins in every state, Country.
2. Give people batteries to the people that REALLY needs it.
3. Take care of them more!
How can you help the world?
Chef hat
Chef hat
I can be a chef! To the people that don’t have food. I can be a teacher to help students! I can be a firefighter to help safe the home and family. I can be a doctor to help everybody! I can be a interpert to help understand what doctors or workers saying!
Please help people!
Please help people! Like giving money or food to the poor people, homeless!
If you don’t save electricity, then it will be off! Then you have to change the light bulb. Please save electricity. Why, because if you don’t have batteries or electricity! You will have no electricity, internet! Anything that have batteries.
Save the electricity!