Mountain Biking

by L.B. (@mswift)


Mountain Biking
by: L. B.
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What's so great about mountain biking?
Mountain biking is a great way to get exercise. It's a fun exciting and great way to spend time with family. When I bike I feel happy. I also feel free. I usually bike with my dad. We have a great time.
Types of Trails
Black trails are the hardest because they have huge drops. Drops are like a really small cliff. When you go off a drop, you have to be standing on your bike and use the suspension. If you don't use it you might fall off your bike.

Green Trails are the easiest. There are not many bumps and are usually for beginners.

Blue Trails are in the middle. They have a lot of bumps and some ramps. Those are the ones I do.
The equipment you need is :

. biking gloves
. elbow pads
. knee pads
. helmet
. bike
. chest pad
. medical kit
. water