The Three Little Igneous Rocks

by Elena L


Once upon a time, 10 billion years ago there were three little igneous rocks. The oldest was Aiden, the middle was Jayden, and the youngest is Ryan.
They live in Hawaii near this humongous volcano.
They're going to go on a journey to find the last bag of Hawaiian popcorn. They were fighting about who should get it, then they decided to go get the bag on their own.They all wanted it to them self with out sharing with each other, and went on their journey.
As Aiden was going on the journey, to find the last bag of Hawaiian popcorn it was super rainy and windy, that Aiden was about to fly in the air and it was so rainy that he thought he was swimming. But he had to keep fighting to get to the popcorn. He felt like he was disintegrating and falling into pieces but at the same time he was bold and strong and didn't look back as he kept making small steps. Then he felt so light like he was a cloud, he started to run but he couldn't because the wind was pushing him back so much that he was doing nothing. The he realized that he was going through Weathering and Erosion.
As he was walking he got so tired and fell a sleep and rolled down the hill onto other rocks. He was dead a sleep for a long time.
As he was waking up, the weather got really hot. He saw that was it was over 110 degrees. He felt like he was melting into other rocks. He was wondering how did he get down the hill. As he was trying to walk he felt really heavy like he couldn't walk. He was so tired that he fell asleep again. This time for a week. As he was walking up again, he relisted that he was probably way behind his brother so he tired to run to get the popcorn. The he relisted that he was melted into other rocks. As he was trying to move free he fell deeper into the ground.
Then he was stuck so far from the ground, he gave up. And cried himself to sleep.
Then when he woke up again he noticed that he was in a hot red hot tub. He thought it was so fun. Then as he was in the red hot tub, he felt like he was melting. Then when he was flying in the hot tub he fell on where he lives. He already gave up on getting the popcorn so he thought his brothers could get it for themself.
When Jayden was going on his journey he went to go the short cut way to the store. As he was going to the store a storm appeared out of no where and as he was walking to the store he getting drenched in the rain and blow by the wind. But he need to get the Hawaiian popcorn. He kept making small small steps. Then out of no where there were cars driving up and down he thought that he was going to die so he ran as quickly as he can to get to the other side. As he was running he felt like he was falling into many pieces. He was slowly turning into minerals.
He finally made it to the other side of the road. But when he got their he passed out. When he woke up he was so tiny he thought he was slowly dying but then he relisted he was turning into Sediment. And he was thinking why am i back to down to where i started. But he was still tired so he went back to sleep.
As he woke up it was really hot, it felt like it was 100 degrees outside. He felt like he was melting into other rocks, as he was trying to walk but he couldn't. He realized that he was turning to sedimentary rock. He then felt sleepy so he fell asleep on the spot.
When he woke up, he was deep in the ground, it was really hot down there and he was slowly rising up to the volcano which then melted into the ground. He couldn't move and was now stuck with lava and then gave up on his task. He thought his brother could get the Hawaiian popcorn. While he was stuck he realized that he was crystallizing. Then after a few weeks had gone by he realized that he just went through the rock cycle.
As Ryan was going to go get the Hawaiian popcorn he saw the news and it said that it was going to rain so he didn't start going on his journey until next week. Although he was the youngest brother he was the smartest one out of the three of them.
Jayden was the youngest brother but was the smartest. They were all on a to find the journey last bag of popcorn. Jayden was going to go on the journey next week because he saw on the news that it was going to be a storm then the next day was going to be really hot like over 110 degrees. As the weather getting better jayden decided to start his journey now. The weather was going to be perfect for the the next week or so. He was walking to the store and he thought if he would of ran he would get there quicker so he ran to the store. Walking/running to get to the store is about 30/60 minutes. Finally he made it to the store and he went into the snack aisle where the popcorn was and he didn't see a single popcorn bag. Then as he kept looking there was a sign that said no more popcorn. He was devastated he did all that for nothing. He went back home to see his brothers in the living room.
At first Ryan didn't recognized his brother but then made a closer look. His brothers though he got the last bag of popcorn but really none of then got it. They were all sad that no one go the bag of popcorn but happy at the same time because if one of them got it they would all be mad at each other but if one of them got it they wouldn't really care.
The conclusion is that when you and your brothers fight about getting the last popcorn don't fight and share because they went through, weathering, sediment, erosion, Deposition, Convection, Igneous, Medamorphic, Compaction, Crystallization, Folicated Rock, Igneous Rock Extrusive or Igneous Rock Intrusive, etc. And the rock cycle so no one could get the bag of popcorn.