The Three Metamorphic Rocks

by Dawson D


Three Metamorphic Rocks
1 million years ago lived 3 metamorphic rocks named Slate, Marble, and Gneiss. Slate, being the oldest, left for adventure first. He went up to the earths surface and weathering hit him hard. So hard that he broke down into sediments. Then he got compacted and cemented and became a sedimentary rock. Marble wanted to follow but instead she went down to the earths core and melted into magma. But instead of rising, she cooled below the surface as magma so, she became a Igneous rock intrusive. Later, Gneiss, being the youngest, wanted to follow Marble because he was scared. So he went down in search for his sister and did what she did. He melted near the earths core but instead of cooling there, he rose up to the surface and cooled as lava and made Igneous rock extrusive.
Separated, the rocks felt alone but they were all determined to finish their journey. Marble ventured off and eroded and weathered into little sediments and god compacted and cemented by other bully rocks which made him change into a sedimentary rock. Gneiss being a baby went with her but got lost and a tree fell on him so he fell into sediments. Then rolled into a huge rock that fell on him. When he woke up, he was a sedimentary rock. Slate was all by himself when he fell into a deep hole and melted. He got spit out of that hole so fast that in mid air, he became an igneous rock.
The others got lost and walked into a desert and fell under a rock that fell on them!! Then when they pushed the rock up, they were back to Metamorphic rocks. Then they found their home and went to bed. It was dark out when Slate saw their house but he still was not a metamorphic rock yet do he found a hole and dove in. Over night he was back to normal and he joined the others. But then they woke up and it was all a dream about going through the rock cycle...
The End