Podcasting For The Classroom

by Michael Hernandez


What’s a podcast?

Podcasts are audio stories made for on-demand consumption at any time on any device. The best ones are filled with ideas, information and personality. These stories can incorporate interviews, and are easily distributed to a global audience.
Introduction from the author
How to use this book
This is a step-by-step guide to using podcast projects in classrooms of all levels. The emphasis is on workflow, and the basics you’ll need to be a producer. Technical guides related to microphones and specific editing software are not included here, but look for resources in the Appendix.

Click on the earbud icon throughout the book to hear more detailed audio stories and explanation.
Why Use Podcasts In The Classroom?
How do podcasts enhance learning?
Podcasts are great in educational settings because they allow students to:

• Develop an inquiry-based mindset.

• Explore topics they’re passionate about.

• Find engaging ways to share what they know.

• Develop personal voice.

• Practice writing and story structure skills.

• Hone research skills.

• Develop interpersonal skills through interviews and collaborative projects.

• Provide opportunities for authentic learning.

• Develop marketing and design skills.
Why assign podcasts?
How are podcasts different from traditional assignments?