Take Care of the World (RUNNER UP, Age 12-18)

by Hayat Tekoğlu


Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
This morning, I opened my eyes with that ear scratching sound of blinds.The robot who is a member of our home was opening the curtains when I woke up. A sweet sunlight that warms you was leaking through the window. I still didn’t get over my fatigue. I wrote all night without a break to finish my speech of today. My wife set out early in the morning for my granddaughter's birthday preparations.

I slowly straightened myself up in the bed. Despite my old age, it was lucky that I could care take of myself. Detecting that I was moving, the robot said that my coffee was ready and my breakfast would be prepared in a few minutes.

After a quick shower, I headed to my wardrobe. When choosing the outfit I wanted to wear from the digital display on the closet door, I realized that I didn't make the last checks of my speech last night.
I was invited to a seminar named “Effects of Climate Change on Human and Technology” in San Francisco. For many years, I did scientific studies on climate change and now I retired. At the seminar, I was asked to give a speech for young people.

I went down to the kitchen and had breakfast. I went to my room, while Robot tidied up the kitchen table. By clicking on the screen on my table, I examined the hologram of the visuals that I will use in my speech. I sat on my chair and started to reading.

Dear Young People,
Dear participants who are curious about the human and climate relationship, welcome all of you. According to you gathered here for listen to the boring memories from retired scientist, you must have a lot of free time. 
First I'd like to take you all began the early years to 2020. I was a young academician in those years. Me and many other academicians from around the world worked on the possible effects of climate change, we were trying to raise awareness about the disasters of these changes create. We attended tens of conferences. With environmental organizations we made various actions and we tried to convince the heads of state to comply with the Kyoto Protocol.
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Despite all warnings and global campaigns, we continued to consume the world rapidly. The water crisis, which began in the 2030s, indicated that the disasters were approaching.

Millions even billions, yeah you didn’t hear wrong, billions of tree were cut for supply to endless needs of humans. In every city, hundreds of hectares of fertile land were buried in concrete to add a new one to the flashy shopping malls that were beginning to breed like viruses. 
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The gases from the exhausts of the flashy cars combined with the toxic fumes from the unfiltered chimneys of the factories. The poisonous gases covered the entire planet and built a wall of smoke around it.
Years were chasing years; the world was giving warning reactions to humanity's unconsciousness and insensitivity to nature. Climate changes, weather temperatures that are far below or above the normal season, successive hurricanes, months of fires, floods... it was as if nature was taking revenge.
Human being continued to ignore the real cause of this disaster while you became the dream of setting up life on other planets. In those years, it was discussed that the planet Mars would be bombarded with thermonuclear bombs to create an atmosphere.
In 2019, began the Mini Ice Age as predicted. The vast majority of scientists believed that global warming would slow down and even ice age will stop it. None of them could come did not believe global warming is dominant. For the first five years, everything proceeded exactly as expected. Extreme cold weather in certain regions has reduced the temperature of the Earth. To natural disasters was reduced. Natural disasters were reduced. Nature was returning to normal. People believed all the problems were over. Until that horrible day...