My Peace Crane (RUNNER UP, Age 4-11)

by Leah


My peace
I come to life in a sunny classroom on August 30, 2019. A ten year old red headed girl names me Origami Bobby and fills me with messages of inspiration and hope.
It is my life’s mission to...

My 19 siblings and I are put into a box and brought to the post office. Our destination: We Yone Child Foundation, Sierra Leone, Africa.
Thought Bubble
The post officer is clumsy, I fall out! No one notices. A full day goes by and STILL no one notices me. At midnight something happens! I am flying! I never knew I could fly! But how am I supposed to get out of this post office? I look around ...there’s an open window, this is my chance to go to Sierra Leone! I’m going to take a nap and find a snack for energy. It’s going to be a long flight! I wake up super excited and energized! I’ll be able to see my siblings again!
As I glide down, I land in something. It is white cold!

is this??”

A little girl comes around, she picks me up with the white stuff and yells, “SNOW!”

“I’ve never seen snow in my life!”

“Wait where am I?”

“Oh my! I’m in Saskatchewan!

I’m nowhere close to Sierra Leone!”