Spring Carnival

by Students of Johnny Oldman School


Many thanks to all who participated
in the making of Spring Carnival
Teachers: Kristina Bellamy, Judith-Hope Bates, Rocky Near
Staff: Andrew Bellamy, Melanie Burtis, Monica Williams, Sigwein Cleveland, Madeline Williams
Translator: Esther McCarty
Speakers: Ella Sam, June Walker, and Peggy Patterson

Henry B, Grade K
Morrison B, Grade K
Mahalee K, Grade K
Marshawn K, Grade K
Kyron S, Grade K
Kyler B, Grade 2
Owen B, Grade 2
Clayton B, Grade 2 
Yvonne C, Grade 2

Thanks To:
Principal Patty White and Superintendent Kerry Boyd for their leadership in making the Hughes Book Slam possible.

Book Slam Project Management
Steve Nelson, Project Coordinator, Association of Alaska School Boards
Cheryl Bobo, Site Facilitator

© 2020 Yukon-Koyukuk School District
Caleb K, Grade 4 
Claudia K, Grade 4
Gabrielle A, Grade 5
Ethan B, Grade 5
Payton B, Grade 5
Dymond S, Grade 5
Crystalee S, Grade 7
Lewis W, Grade 8
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On the first weekend we have kids dog races. Only Hughes people are there during kids dog races. Kids use Hughie’s dogs.
Sonot neenohoodeleet te heł Hut'odlee Kkaakk'et huk'e saakkaaye kkaa tłeekkaa yeł soonhedele'oł. Hughie tleekkaa' yeł. 
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They use two, three, four, or five dogs to race one mile. One person goes around the course on the river at a time. The person with the fastest time wins. The young children also race. They go across the river with one dog.
Tłeekkaa, neteekk'ee, tokk'ee, denk'ee, k'eełts'edenaale yeł yoogh neełggudze hu' k'eełekk'ee mile. K'eełekk'ee yaanh kk'onodehoye heł ggaayee k'ełtseeyh. Yegge k'edeeteey deeggudzeye kkaa hełde aanots'en hʉts'en tłeek k'eełekk'ee yeł dehʉt'aanh.
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After all the kids races then we have lunch at the hall.
Kk'ʉdaa saakkaaye kkaa kk'aaheelneeyh te kk'ʉdaa dzaaneets yen nok'e ts'eedeeyh.
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A week later people from other villages come to Hughes. Some of those individuals bring racing dogs.
Eeyet hutłoghe kk'ʉdaa heł denaaghots'eedaał, neełkk'aats'e huts'enh. K'eldonh kkaa heł hudeleegge' yeł.