Gr3A Poetry Anthology 2017

by Miss Edel and Miss Cristi


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Poetry Anthology
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The poems in this book were written by Third A students during their last Writer's Workshop unit of the year. During this unit, students explored different kinds of poetry such as odes, acrostics, shape poems, and haiku.

They wrote several poems and for this final anthology, they chose their favorite which they also illustrated in art class.

We invite you to read and enjoy their creative work.
Grade 3 Team
when we are in
winter I think of you
in otom Ialso miss you.
Yey Yey! we are
closer to the summer and
all that I weited
you are close.
And now I can start
to swim in the
pool and go
to my vacations!
BY Ignacio V.
My brother
Oh! brother,brother,
brother you are
like a monster
to me and you
are like a mini
You are like a
little puppy and
a monster that
eat everything .
You are very
sometimes you smell sticky.
But, sometimes I'm angry
with you.
Max C.
Ode to my brother
Oh my dear brother,
you are like a disgusting ketchup to me.
You touch my things with no
You kick me
and you said me neeck names to me.
However I like when you play with me x-box .
By: Pedro F.
Ode to Griezmann
Griezmann oh Griezmann
always when i score
a goal with you in FIFA
i go celebrate.
Your team was created
by gods. your T-shirt is the
only one that is not
smelly. Stay with the mouse
open when you score a goal.
By Agustin G.