Write, Learn, Teach

by Pedro Santana


Write, Learn, Teach - Complete Edition V2
Combined Books
“If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.”

George Orwell
Lesson Overview:

In this lesson, we are going to read a paragraph about problems in education on the U.S. and reflect upon the similarities and differences with our country. Then, we are going to learn strategies on how to structure a paragraph.


• Compare educational issues around the world to the Brazilian context.

• Reflect upon the selection of source material.

• Write a paragraph about educational issues following the rhetorical movements of introducing a topic, supporting ideas and concluding. 

1) In pairs, discuss the following questions:

a) What problems can you see in the Brazilian educational system?
b) Do you think different countries have similar problems? Have you heard anything about it?
2) Read the following extract from an essay and discuss in pairs if you agree or disagree with the author.
a) How can you guarantee a reading piece is appropriate for your students?
b) What strategies can you employ to overcome difficulties?
Check out this link for suggestions
3) Analyse the structure of these paragraphs and answer the questions:

a) What's a paragraph?
b) What do they have in common in each one of them?
c) What’s a rethorical movement?
d) How would you classify the rhetorical movements in each paragraph?