Example Book: Septimus of Rome

by Kyle Trinidade


Septimus of Rome
Mr. Trinidade (black) and
Mr. Rivas (red)
Septimus, Legionnaire, now Centurion 
54 BCE

The crossing of the Oceanus Britannicus was rough, but no rumor nor story from my senior soldiers could have prepared my eyes for the sheer bone-white cliffs of Dubris. The high walls were a daunting, grave sign, that chilled my flesh with the cold of the sea. This place was so very far from my home and the warm shores of Rome.
Cassius Dio, a writer in General Caesar’s retinue, warned us of “supernatural” men in this land of Britannia who, according to him, “paint their skin blue, live in the swamps, survive off small portions of food that satisfy them for days at a time, and endure the cold, rain, and any kind of hardship.” 
This thought carried with us in the past days, sending some men, even one of my closest friends, to even desert our legion in panic. I could possibly still join him if I wished, but the chance of success would be questionable.
"Turn back and desert the legion now before it's too late!" I thought, as I stood up and dived into the water. The freezing water penetrated my bones, but I had to escape while I had the chance.

It was then, however, when I heard the voice of my commanding centurion...
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Kill that coward!
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Archers strung their bows with godlike speed and struck me in the back several times before I could swim away. The centurion scoffed, and the legion left me to suffer and die from my wounds in the middle of the sea. The end.
As trained men of the Roman legion, however, we know it is our duty to steel ourselves for any foe. We were trained to face uncertain circumstances after all, and expected to triumph.
  My men and I chose to ignore Dio's warning and continued rowing, until my commanding centurion, Titus, called, "The Portus Dubris has come into view!" which gave us men hope.
I looked up to see the lighthouse shining atop the hill, the proud Roman fort of Dubris welcoming us to this foreign land.