Student Portfolio

by Keith Brown (Ambassador)


My Digital Portfolio
(Student's Name)

My name is:
(your name here)

I made a portfolio to show what I learned during my time working on
(the lesson or project title) 

For (Teacher's Name's) Class:

This Student Portfolio is divided into several sections:
I. Me as a Learner
II. Things I like To Do
III. Habits of Mind
IV. Problem Solving
V. Lesson or Project
VI. Conclusions
VII. Reflections
I. Me as a learner:
Let me describe how I learn best…telling you my favorite ways to learn new material. (Modalities)

II. Things I like to do:
My things I enjoy in my spare time are: 

I have a hobby. Let me tell you about it: 

III. Habits of Mind:
Let me describe how I am as:

An Individual Learner:

A Small Group Learner:

A Large Group Learner: