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6th grade
About me
revolving hearts
I have a lot of favorite foods but I really like Asian food, snacks, and anything sweet (mostly fruits). My least favorite foods are cheese, wasabi, and anything bitter. I rarely eat vegetables but my favorite ones are cauliflower, corn, and cabbage.
During 6th grade, I'm at Monhagen Middle School, the teachers there are quite nice and friendly, and some of the activities there are quite interesting, however, some students there aren't so and so sometimes
If you are reading this in the 2023-2024 school years it means that I'm already in a different school called Northern Academy Of The Arts.
Birth and childhood
The teacher's lessons were no harsher than the governments
Yet it was enough to get more than a few arguments
Was it them who taught one to do it?
Though it may only hurt a little bit
Only thanks to them shall the innocence get hit
I was born on Jul 18th, 2011, in China Wuhan. Being the 2nd born isn't all that easy in China due to the One Child Policy (Only one child is allowed per family) and because of my birth the second child out of a family of 4 members meant there were 2 paths ahead of my parents they had to choose for me, 1. Kill the child nothing happens next, 2. Let the child live, never have another child ever again, and get taxed a lot of money. My parents were taxed 70,000 (10,000 USD), and my dad almost named me 小七 which means little seven because of that.
Fun Fact (not really)
In Asia, you start kindergarten before preschool.
Growing up in such surroundings and circumstances I never left my apartment until I was 3 years old, which is when I started kindergarten.
My kindergarten teachers were kind of violent (only in the 4th semester last year of kindergarten) she used to hit kids with a newspaper in front of the whole class if they weren't behaving even if we make a tiny bit of sounds, but compared to the others mine was really good since some teachers would get so violent that they would directly hit and injure a kid badly. However, it's not really their fault sometimes, it's really how they were taught, back in their days they would be learning Love for the "greatness" of The Chinese Communist Party. Ugh, just the thought of it gives me goosebumps.
Hobbies and likings
As far as anyone can tell, I'm really into art, mostly drawing people. One of my dreams to achieve in the future is to publish a manga!

I'm also very into cooking, in fact, I cooked a dish for myself quite a few times but the only thing is I'm afraid of fire....... I do hope that in the future I can cook for myself and others such as my family so my mom doesn't have to do all the cooking she did for me all those years again.
I know how to play a lot of instruments or at least the basics. The 2 instruments I know how to play the most are the xylophone and the cello, I've played percussion instruments for almost 2 years, and the cello for almost 1 year. (This is in 6th grade).
My life is dedicated to life and arts. Fun fact! When I was only 2 I grabbed a small piece of trangluair paper and a pencil and started drawing a dog squading down.
Table of contents
Sunflowers............................... 0

Freedom............................... 0.5

Narrative writing, Stuck In a Snowglobe............................... 1-6

Ruby Bridges Essay............................... 7-9

MP3 Dear "_____" Poem............................... 10-11

The Dark Matter Mystery............................... 12-14
As a blessing from the above, sunflowers,
Good luck, health, and hope are the right hand of symbolizations
But at all, at last, it is pretty far from recognition
Restrictions of religions are a revolutionary realization
And at all alas sunflowers are what brings us hope and joy
Out and away from the communist nations
Out and away from the governmental belief conditions