Arts Award Portfolio

by Jonny (@Mrfmusicteach)

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All About Me (:
Hello my name is Jonny, I am 13 years old and I attend Colchester High School. I enjoy playing video games and making videos.

My favourite game is Minecraft which I play on Xbox with my friends. I have a realm and I mainly play on this. On my realm I create farms and embark on building projects, as of writing this I am starting construction on my Melon Castle Kingdom!

I do also enjoy designing in the form of architecture but I haven't really indulged myself further than buildings in Minecraft and I still have a lot to improve on. I would like to increase my designing knowledge and am seen as an architect by some, mainly by my close family members.

Another form of architecture that I have come to enjoy over the year few years is world building for D&D campaigns. This involves character creation, cartography and story writing

In this book I have included pieces of art that I have worked on. This ranges from schoolwork to buildings in Minecraft.