Juliette's Reading Journal

by Juliette


King of Scars
For the first book of the year it was pretty amazing! But also heartbreaking **SPOILERS**. I really enjoyed this book, I love Nina’s new storyline, I mean she can hear the dead which is pretty cool. Zoya’s POV is super sad and depressing but she’s falling in love with Nikolai!!!! It’s great to see what has happened to Ravka since Shadow and Bone and lots of laugh out loud moments, for example ‘’Oh, David’, Genya said, taking his hand. ‘You've never theatened to murder anyone for me before.’ ‘Haven't I?’ He murmured distractedly ‘. Also the part with the saints was CRAZY! So Zoya has Juris’ powers now? And Isaak’s death was soooooo sad. Basically in summary: awesome!
‘the monster is me and I am the monster’
- Nikolai Lantsov
Also definitely something going on between Nina and Hanne❤️❤️……. Don’t know whether to be happy for Nina or sad that she’s moved on from Matthias 😭😭
‘Ooh, look, blini! I haven’t had proper blini in forever.’
‘Call me Grisha. Call me zowa. Call me death, if you like.’
’you’re better than waffles, Matthais Helvar’
Nina Zenik
flirting with matthais
her friends
her people
grisha hunters
Jarl Brum
Nina Zenik in the TV show
Rule of Wolves
This book was an epic conclusion to this AMAZING book series. I only wish I could have more from these characters that I love (but s2 of Shadow and Bone is being filmed now!!!). This book broke my heart with David’s death, I think I cried for about 30 minutes! How could you do this Leigh Bardugo?? Him and Genya were so happy (ON THEIR WEDDING DAY MIGHT I ADD) and you killed him, whyyyyyyyy? But also Zoya’s character arc was *chef’s kiss*, amazing! I love her becoming the dragon so much it was awesome. The plot twist at the end with Hanne’s death but then not death was incredible and just saying I called it before it happened. Cried a little bit questioning why can’t my beloved Nina just get happiness but then I was like, WAIT, HOLD THE PHONE, what if she tailored herself into his body and him into her and she’s not dead? And guess what - I was right.
‘‘I can’t find him,’ she said, her voice lost, bewildered. ‘I can’t find David’’
- Genya Safin
What an absolute queen. In both ways. I LOVED how she became queen of Ravka - if I’m honest I didn’t see it coming but it fit so well! Her character development and how she opened herself up to love to become the dragon was SOOOO GOOOD. Also with the dragon how cool is that?
If I’m honest I didn’t really like Zoya in Shadow and Bone but this made me really love her! She’s so strong and fierce and powerful.
Zoya Nazyalensky
’Juris had known. Juris had seen it all. Open the door.
Love was on the other side and it was terrifying.

You are strong enough to survive the fall.
With a wild, gasping breath, she felt her wings unfurl’
This part! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
I would not think. I danced instead
This was another very good mythology book. I like how it focused on how the women in Greek mythology always got punished for what the men did (Medusa - Poseidon raped her in Athena’s temple then Athena got mad and turned Medusa into a monster, Semele - Dionysus’ mother was killed because Hera was mad about Zeus cheating on her), it is similar to Daughters of Sparta. I loved the passage at the start where Ariadne is dancing to drown out all the horrible things people are saying about her mother Pasiphae (who was driven crazy by Poseidon because he was mad at her husband Minos). Also the death of Phaedra was so so sad and unexpected and I also hated (not in a ‘it wasn’t good’ way) the ending. But I guess the end was a conclusion of Greek mythology - death and pain. To be honest I’m not sure why I like it??