Our Changing World 2020

by P6 Lochardil Primary (@chloemcd91 and @LochardilPS)



Our Changing World 2020
A Collection of Poems

by P6 Pupils at Lochardil Primary
Soap is sold out.
It makes us have doubts
about what the world will be like after this.

School is shut down,
it makes our parents frown,
“how will they get their education?”
It's happening to the whole nation.

Funeral directors are rich
while most others are crying into a ditch.
Cemeteries are full
and the directors start to rule
no longer buying fancy limousines
and 90 foot TV screens
The world is not what it seems.

No more shaking hands.
Don't touch your face.
Never stand too close
In a crowded place.

A virus is amongst us,
It's roaming around our lands.
It contaminates and does us harm
By the simple touch of our hands.

Dark days are fast approaching
We have to be aware.
Hygiene is our only shield
To this demon who waits out there.

No Shaking Hands,
A Virus is Around Us.
Soap Sold Out.
Tissue Sold Out.
Soon life will be Sold Out.

Nothing To do.
Nothing To Be.

School's Shut Down for you and me
Lives shut down.
Parents are stressed.

COVID-19 is changing the world.
COVID-19 is Taking us down.

The world is sickly and everyone is unhappy
I went to Tesco Couldn't even buy a nappy.
The family says "lets cook, with out favourite recipes from our book".
We went to Tesco but could only get some Soup.

COVID 19 is taking its toll.
In Tesco I couldn't even get toilet roll!
Everyone is in lockdown 
but please do not frown.
Don’t stress
Why don’t you just try your best?

 I couldn’t escape the waking dream
of infected fleas
I couldn’t un-see
the infected people
that were crying for help
running to the hospital and 
hundreds of ambulances passing me.

Which brought to mind the sorry story
of the world ending
the happiness was on the other side but it spread to the other side
of happiness
that the selfish prime minister
Boris Jonson didn't listen
But I slept again,
and dreamt this time
of the cure sending across the world
and the whole world was cured.

I followed a cloud and when I
looked down it was like nothing happened.