A Book of Poems

by Mrs. Raikes's 7th Grade Class-April 2020 (@8MESGR7)



A Book of Poems
Inspired by Unsettling Times
Created by Mrs. Raikes's 7th Grade Classes
During Covid 19-2020
Mrs. Raikes
Virus - A Haiku

Meandering thoughts
A human, scary virus
Whilst watching the fear
Mrs. Raikes
To My Students

We grew together as humans
Learning to find our way
To be ourselves
And dare not stray

We started as strangers
But over the months grew
To become a family
Like one we never knew

We are experiencing uncertain times
Choosing to be a light
In a world turned upside down
I know we will be alright

We are apart that's true
Yet never will I forget you
In my heart, you'll always be
A very special part of me
A Virus Poem - (short)
It started a virus
who knew
now it's a pandemic
I'm stuck in it with you...
To Everybody...
Roses are red
violets are blue
I'm so over this
pandemic too...
It started in China
and then it grew
then once again
the pandemic flew...
It all started with China
they ate bat soup
that started it all
what's next rat soup...
I know we are in quarantine
I hope you're all well
someday we'll meet again
and it will be swell...
I am a shark
Who has no rhyme 
Because I got no time
I don't like it because it is not fun 
And I'm a nun 
I eat fish 
Even though I'm lavish
But what I'd really like is a kinsh