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Chadwick Boseman
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Chadwick Aaron Boseman was born November 29, 1976, in South Carolina. Boseman was the son of Leroy Boseman and Caroline Boseman, and brother to Derrik and Kevin Boseman, who also battled against colon cancer. He was married to Taylor Simone Ledward, who supported him throughout his whole career. 
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In his youth, the actor studied in T.L Hanna High school, where he was a prominent basketball player, and also a very good boxer, it was his love for the sport that drove him to write his first play, which was inspired by one of his teammates' early passing. After he graduated in 1995 from T.L Hanna, Boseman got his Bachelor's degree in fine arts in directing from Howard University in D.C. He then studied in the NY Digital film Academy, and then in the prestigious British Drama Academy at Oxford. 

Boseman then passed away from stage three colon cancer, after battling the disease for four years. So in honor of the lead T.L Hanna high school set up a scholarship in his name.
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Wins - 41
Awards - 108
Awards and wins
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Differences between award and win:

An award has it’s demonstration being public, which the decision of the award is made by an expert panel. An award also has nominations. 
A reward, where the actor is able to win a prize, has a private demonstration, that is decided individually, with no nominations. 

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With the winning of the Oscar after his death, he became the first black performer to ever be nominated posthumously. And with his work in Da 5 Bloods and Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, he became the actor with most nominations in a single ceremony at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. 

In 2017, because of his work in "Captain America: Civil War", he won a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. In 2018, he was nominated Best Actor for his work in "Black Panther."
Chadwick Boseman has won awards out of 5 categories:

His major awards are: 

-Academy Awards;
-British Academy Film Awards;
-Critics’ Choice Movie Awards;
-Golden Globe Awards;
-Screen Actors Guild Awards;
Racial Experiences
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In the interview he had with Mr.Porter, Chadwick talked about a racial experience he suffered while he was still at school: "It is not difficult to find this type of situation in South Carolina. Going to school, I saw the flag of the Confederate States [bloc developed at the time of American independence, in which the states were in favor of maintaining slavery] on trucks. I know what it's like to be a child standing in an ice cream shop when other children call you 'Creole'. ”
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He was responsible for becoming a landmark of black representation in cinemas, acting as for example "Black Panther", Marvel's first black superhero, and praised for resonating racial tensions in the United States in the plot, in addition, the film shows Africa as never seen before by another black, prosperous and technological, a place that has not been invaded, stolen or colonized, and whose king is not only a hero but a leader for all the peoples of his kingdom.
Chadwick made an inspirational speech at Howard University, in which he told about a story from his career that took place when he had just earned a role in a soap opera after debuting in a NY theater. In that role Chadwick would have to play a gangster's thug. So the stereotype against young black-skinned made him question the producers about the character, which caused his dismissal.
And "Blood Detachment", premiered on Netflix while the protests of the "Black Lives Matter" movement took place, and highly critically acclaimed, tells the story of a group of African American veterans of the Vietnam War, who return to the Asian continent in search of the remains of theirs commander and also of a treasure that they buried there, the film also relates the past and the present of the USA in relation to the racial issue.
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The Legacy
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Chadwick Boseman died on August 28, 2020. He was diagnosed in 2016 with stage III of colon cancer, which later progressed to stage IV, passing away at the age of 42. But Fortunately, his history doesn’t end without getting known. He had a big public profile when he played the role of Black Panther, who gave young black children in all communities all over the world a hero who looked like them.
A king outside of the screen
When people visit his films, they will remember Boseman with happiness, knowing that he was a human being of strength, generosity, talent, and motivation for a lot of people. He wasn't only a king for "Wakanda" but also for all the people. It isn’t easy being an actor that hundreds look up, but Boseman did it with enthusiasm and dignity.  
Symbol of power
The representation on screens allows kids to dream high about their future. The actor also reminds people to take their space in life and get their voice to be listened to and always know that you are worth it. Even though he has gone, his achievements never will be forgotten, as he helped pave the path of great diversity in films. 
He embody a promise, a potencial
As seen, most of the American black actors played and play roles for gangsters, slavers, and with references to injustice, but what the black power really represents is the inspirational motivation they put in the kids' minds, that you can be and can do whatever you want. This ideal was represented by Boseman when he made history as the first black superhero with his own movie. Celebrating the fight and all the rights that the black community achieve.
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