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Quincy Jones is an entrepreneur, music producer, and music composer who, during his 50 years in the music industry, was nominated for 80 Grammys, of which he won 28, being the person who won the most with Alison Krauss. In addition, the renowned producer worked with Michael Jackson and Tamia. He's also had his name tied to some of the best-selling albums in history, two of them being Thriller and Bad, co-produced with MJ.
Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones at the Grammys in 1984
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Jones was born on March 14, 1933, in Chicago, Illinois, but moved to Bremerton, Washington at the age of 10. His love for music was born there, when he began to take trumpet lessons and met Ray Charles, a musician that he formed a band with. This was his first step to become the legendary musician he is. He and his brother Llyod were raised by their father because their mother, Sarah Jones, was mentally ill, so she spent his childhood in mental hospitals. He only had a relationship with her when he was older. 
Young Quincy Jones
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In the 1950s, Jones studied briefly at the Schillinger House, now known as Berklee College of Music, until he decided to go on tour with Lionel Hampton, as a trumpeter and arranger. He soon became an important freelance arranger, working with Gigi Gryce, Oscar Pettiford, and many others, when in 1956 he toured with Dizzy Gillespie’s big band and recorded his first album as a leader. 
In 1961, Jones became an artists-and-repertoire director for Mercury Records. Three years later he was named a vice president, thereby becoming one of the first African American to hold a top executive position at a major American record label. Some years later, Jones worked for the A&M label from 1969 to 1981, becoming in this time one of the most famous producers in the world.
Quincy Jones on may 10, 2014
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During his 70 years in the entertainment industry, Quincy Jones is the most nominated Grammy artist, with a total of 80 nominations and 28 wins. He also was the first African American to have an executive position at a major record label. Quincy Jones impacted society in general, but especially the black community, which has been much more affected by his long time work, that helped black representation in the media. Nowadays, he is 88 years old and continues to work on music productions.
Quincy Jones and some of his awards
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Quincy wasn’t just a famous producer, he had an important role on black’s people lives, besides being an inspiration Jones actually created several institutions to support young talents, he wanted to help by delivering them from racism. Motivated by this cause he founded, with Dr Martin Luther King’s help, the Black American Music Institute, this organization is responsible for fundraising the creation of a national library for the black music and art. Quincy Jones is also the father of the Black Arts Festival in Chicago, his city and the founder of Quincy Jones Listen Up Foundation, an organization that gives young people a proper education, by providing technology, culture and music. Quincy’s story certainly inspires many people around the world, not for just being an amazing music producer, but also for gathering people to one unique cause, the music, by uniting different races, ethnicities and cultures.