Jean-Michel Basquiat (1EMB) Group ⑧

by Karina's Students


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By: Enrico de Oliveira,
Gabriel Ferretti,
Lara Iudicibus,
Mariana Traldi
e Pedro Santos
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Comic Panel 1
The american artist Jean-Michel Basquiat was born on December 22, 1960, in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York. His father, Gerard Jean-Baptiste Basquiat, was a former Haitian interior minister, and her mother, Mathilde Andrada, was of Puerto Rican origin. He was the firstborn among three children of a wealthy family.
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Basquiat initially became famous due to his graffiti in his own homeland, that represented New York city in the years of 70 and 80, then stood out as a neo-expressionist artist.
He used to sign his art on the Manhattan buildings with his registered trademark: "SAMO", works such as "Fishing" and "bird of money" are his most famous, and his paintings still influence a lot of artists until today, having high prices in the art auctions. At the age of three, Jean was already drawing caricatures and copying figures that then populated the drawings he used to enjoy watching on TV. His talent was honed by his mother, who encouraged him to draw, create paintings and interact with everything related to the arts. Another factor that encouraged him to follow this path was an accident suffered in his childhood, when he was only seven years old and was run over by a car while playing in the streets. Due to that, his arm was shattered and he had to go under surgery.  
Jean-Michel Basquiat was 6 years old when he became a junior member of the Brooklyn Museum. At the age of seventeen, In 1978, Basquiat dropped out of school and left home, just a year before graduating. He moved to the city and started living with friends, making a living by selling t-shirts and postcards on the street, then went on to produce a rap recording. He was an artist who participated in the Aesthetic movement, being a neo-expressionism and Primitivism painter, although, he also was an artivist, musicologist, music producer, composer, draftsman, sculptor, photographer and an actor.
The neo-expressionist painter and North American graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat dies, on August 12, 1988, in New York, at the age of 27, as a result of implications for the ingestion of a drug cocktail. In the months leading up to his death, the troubled artist claimed to be using 100 bags of heroin a day.