by Michelle Mae Kreftmeyer


By: Michelle Kreftmeyer
He saw the light of day at an unknown place in an unknown period of time. The only thing that mattered was what he saw and how he perceived it. As he began to open his eyes, the first and only thing he saw was white brightness. The next thing he heard was a voice, an old, grainy voice. He spoke in a language he understood but didn't know was. "Welcome BEN."

He turned his head to face his creator. His face was old and had a gentle smile. "My name is Dr. Macree. How are you feeling?" Everything was fine to BEN, no discomfort, no pain. He felt just fine. Except he had no eyes like the ones his creator had. Instead optical receptors acted like eyes. His face wasn't like his creator 's either. A box similar to an old television acted like his face. The doctor explained what he was, a robot. One that was for great strength and yet so very gentle. The doctor explained everything and BEN listened.

The doctor gently tugged his dark metal arm to stand up. His first steps were far from perfect. He'll learn though, he'll learn so much. The old man was patient and took him to a room. A room with walls you can see through, it was filled with large green organisms. The doctor walked him though the room explaining that they were in a greenhouse filled with wonderful plants.

Five years passed after his first moments of life with the doctor. He learned so much and done so much in his time alive. Despite it all he didn't learn other feelings, all he knew was that he was fine. No pain, no discomfort.
He walked towards the doctors room to find him on the ground. Motionless. BEN kneeled at the doctors body. Slowly moving a hand to feel the mans chest. He quickly drew it away. He knew what was happening, the doctor explained it to him when one of the plants were wilted and brown. Death. The very thing that had struck the doctor.

His body shook, circuitry growing static and looming shade went over BEN. He wanted to scream and yell, but he couldn't. BEN sat there staring at the doctors cold body. He didn't know at the time, the thing he felt was the first emotion he discovered. Sorrow.

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