Love, not hate

by Sophie Tan


Love, not hate
Sophie Tan
Gunfire. Screams. The sound of war. These were the only sounds ringing in my ears as I rolled onto my stomach and clawed though the bloody dirt. It was all up to me, to trigger the war-ending bomb. But I had failed. I failed Commander Trynullus, and Sara, my wife. I clenched my jaws at the thought of never seeing my baby Emma again.
With my family in my head, I started to rise, but almost immediately pain shot up both my wrists, as if someone shot large needles in them. My arms gave up and I collapsed back onto the dirt. I felt like jelly, but unfortunately, I still felt all the pain. I let out a squeak, in other words, a cry for help, but the sounds of fighting took over.
All I had to do was to create a large enough explosion to trigger the bomb. My gun was fastened loosely around my waist, but I didn't have the strength to lift it. I was angry and mad, but that soon was covered in love for my family.
I slowly got up on my knees, fighting back the roaring pain. As I let my love cover me like a blanket, I rose from the ground. My clothes soaked in blood, and my ankle at a definitely-not-normal angle. I grabbed my gun, and fired at the ground.
The force of the explosion knocked me off my feet, and I fell hard on my back. But surprisingly, there was no pain. I could hear the soldiers cheering, and I took me a moment to realize that they were cheering for me. I knew that Sara and Emma were safe, and with a smile on my face, I closed my eyes.
The angels, wearing blinding white dresses, asked why they could see no trace of anger on me, and I told them, "I didn't fight against the ones I hate, but for the ones I love."

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