The Kids I played with

by Wasika Raida


The kids I played with.
By - Wasika Raida
I remember once when I was 7 years-old I went to live with my Grandparents in a village for a month. The village I was going to live in was famous for having experienced a long series of murders. At first I was nervous and my first few nights in the village was horrible as threads and threads of nightmares kept flooding my mind, but after a few days I started making friends and played around with a bunch of kids loittering here and there and I was fortunately never alone. I was pretty sad leaving the village since I had grown attached to the kids living there especially a girl named Krista. She and I had become the best of friends in the short time we spent together. On the ride back to the city my grandma asked me if I enjoyed my stay with them and I said, "Mhm, I liked playing with the kids like me there especially Krista she was very nice." My grandmother was confused. Later I found out why ... all the kids my age in the village were killed about 2 years ago.

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