Women's Rights

by Emma Sproule


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Women's Rights
By Emma
What Women's Rights are
Women's Rights is something that has become global. Some people understand Women's Rights and some don't understand Women's Rights. Women's Rights are basically Human Rights. Some people told women that they can't have Human Rights, but everyone else can. So, Women didn't think that was fair. And so Women's Rights was invented, to fight back the fact that women are not treated fairly. Thats a little about what Women's Rights are.
Some Facts About Women's Rights
In history there have been a lot of things women weren't allowed, here are some facts about that. One of the big things women were standing for was the right to vote. The first person I think about when I think of women's right to vote is Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony gave speeches for Women's Rights and ending slavery, Susan was even arrested for voting illegally in 1872. Susan wanted women to have the right to help pick their President or Prime Minister. Women fought long and hard, then finally in 1920 women were given the right to vote! Those are some facts about Women's Rights.
Women's Rights Now
Right now there are still women around the world that don't have the right to Human Rights. Even though that more people do have Women's Rights we need to still fight for the ones who don't! So, I encourage you to go out and make a difference today, even if it's in small ways.

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