Buddy the Elephants First Day Jitters

by Julia LaFreniere


Buddy the Elephant's First Day Jitters
by: Julia
Dedicated to the children at Head Start and My wonderful teacher Mrs. Wheeler
BRING BRING BRIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG!! went Buddy's new bright blue alarm clock. Buddy had just woken up out of his turquoise blue blanket to the fresh morning sun. He could see the bright yellow flowers cheering back at him through his window. It was time for a new day, a great brand new day filled with possibilities. It was going to be amazing, or so Buddy thought.
Today was the first day of school. The. First. Day. The VERY first day. Buddy had never been to school before EVER. EVER. EVER!
"What is it like," he mumbled, "What wi-will I do in school? W-wh-what if people don't like me?!" Buddy felt so scared, his palms started to get really sweaty. He slowly walked out of his little blue room shaking rapidly and went into the kitchen where his mom was making breakfast.
Buddy slowly walked into the little yellow kitchen to see his mom cooking eggs, his favorite meal. He could hear the SIZZLE and POP. POP. POP. POP.
"Mommy," Buddy cried to his mom, "I don't real-lly want to go to-to well... SCHOOL! It seems so awful and scary.
"Oh Buddy, you will love school. It's filled with so many fun games and the people there are super nice too. You will love them so much. I guarantee that you will have a BLAST." Buddy's Mom softly said as she tickled him a little.
"Uhh...mmm...okay." Buddy quietly spoke as he was eating his big plate of yummy yellow eggs.