Ending Global Warming

by Julianna


Ending Global Warming
By: Julianna
" Mark, dear, please write." Mrs. Leah said.
" But I can't!" Complained Mark. Several other students turned to see what was going on.
" Surely you can, Mark." Mrs. Leah said, tapping her finger on the blank piece of paper. Mark shook his head. " No, I can't! I don't even have a person to write about!" Mrs. Leah smiled. " Mark, what do you love most?"
" Um, recess?" Mark guessed. Students around him snickered.
" Anything else?" Pressed Mrs. Leah. Mark slammed his pencil against the wooden desk. " I don't know, okay?" Mrs. Leah smiled again. " How about we have story time, and then get back to writing?" Now, Mark didn't mind that. Mrs. Leah told great stories.
" Come to the mat everybody!" Mrs. Leah said. Everybody took their seats quickly, waiting for Mrs. Leah to tell the story.
" This is a story of a brave girl. Here is how it started..."
Me and Sarah walked to science class, talking and chattering together.
" Sarah watcha doing? Staring at the wall?" I said, as she stopped to see what was what was on the walls. It was a poster labeled ' How the Pollution We Create Affects the Earth'
Sarah rubbed her locket, which is her 'thinking' habit. " Grandpa always wanted this to end..." She murmured.
" Heck, will you tell me what's going on?" I said, feeling brave. I don't usually talk to people like this - only Sarah. Sarah rolled her eyes, but she seemed a little sad. " My grandpa... died last night. " Now I felt bad. " I'm sorry, Sarah. " Sarah shrugged.
" It's okay." Was her only answer.
Sarah's grandfather is what I call AMAZING. Dude, he even once beat my Minecraft record! He is awesome. He used to be an engineer, so he was pretty smart. Now that he passed away... that changes a lot of things.
Sarah looked at me like please stop thinking about it. " Come on Leah, we'll be late for science. Your mom doesn't have time to spare." I agreed to go, and headed off with her.
" Leah Chen, your on time." My mom, or my science teacher said in a impressed tone. Okay, let me back up. Yes, my last name is Chen. My mom is called the Scary Science Teacher.
Alright, the ' Scary Science Teacher' is not her name. But, still, she can be really scary.
" Well, today we will be talking about global warming. Posters for this. They are due next Wednesday!" My mom said in a cheerful voice. She was pretty much the only human in the room that was happy about this. Everybody else groaned. Yeah, as you can tell, my mom is a science torturer, not a science teacher.
" Anyways, global warming is caused by the chemicals in the air..." My mom said, glaring at the students who were looking ready to go to drool land. " Pay attention, or have detention." My mom warned. " Conference weeks are coming, so I wouldn't be so lazy." Those students didn't have to be told twice.

* * *

"That was exhausting." I grumbled, as I took out my
lunch, wiping sweat from my forehead, swiping at my
sweaty black hair. I had just came back from the gym,
and I already smelled like sweaty socks. Jane, my other
friend, pinched her nose. " Ew, I can tell that you
smell all sweaty, so don't try to hide it. You should, like,
take a shower." She said as she tied her damp, wavy
brown hair back into a ponytail. Jane was always like this.
Clean, girly, but excels in every period. Okay, she isn't too
clean. She doesn't scream or flail, or act like a pretty pink
princess. Some girls are really sensitive. Like, annoying-rated-sensitivity. Jane is kind of scary too. Sometimes she's like this:
But when she's really mad, she looks like this:
I rolled my eyes. " But then I wouldn't have enough time to eat!" I argued. Jane shook her head, making water droplets fall onto my sticky skin. " If you manage your time, and do it quickly." She said, giving herself a valid point.
" You can't blame me! You do everything quickly!" I mumbled. It's true. Jane could shower in 10 seconds, and look like a polished, lavender-scented coin.
Jane loved the color lavender purple. You know what? We'll put it like this: Jane = Lavender.
Sarah sat next to us, taking out her lunch.
" Hi Sarah!" Jane said, pushing a thin, soggy, chocolate brown strand of hair that was plastered to her face. Sarah scanned Jane for a second. " Why are you wet?" Sarah asked instead of saying 'hello' or ' how are you'
Jane rolled her ox-like eyes. " I took a shower, silly." I stopped paying
attention to their conversation.
Why didn't somebody step up and stop it ? I could. Right?
" Hey!" Jane said. " Did you hear me?" She started to shake my shoulders, like she was trying to make me vibrate. I blinked. " What?" Jane snorted. " I said, did you want to come to my house to watch a movie after school?" I nodded. " Uh, sure."

* * *

If you want to know about Jane's house, for one, it's huge! Second, Jane's room is huge. It even has a TV! ( Awesome, right?)
" Hi Leah!" Jane said, with a wide grin spread across her face.
" Hi Jane." I said, really awkwardly.
" Spiderman into the Spider-verse." She said. At first I thought she was using some type of super-secret code.