"Lost" Cat

by By Corinna


Lost Cat
“Hey mom, where did  Smoky go?” Olivia asked her mom one night. Smoky is Olivia’s gray cat. She liked to go in the house from the backyard every night to sleep, but today, Smoky was nowhere to be found. Olivia wasn't really worried, since Smoky loved being outside. So Olivia and her mom decided to watch a movie. When her mom was making popcorn, it had already been 20 minutes, and Smoky still had not come in. 

In the middle of the movie, she decided to pause the movie and go out and look for Smoky. “Smoky!” she called, cupping her hands over her mouth when she stepped out to her backyard. No cat came. “Smoky!” she called again, only louder. Still no response. Olivia was getting a little worried now. “SMOKY!” she yelled. There was no sound outside but crickets chirping. She ran inside the house and told her mom that she couldn't find Smoky. “What if she's lost?” she cried. Her mom just laughed and said that there's no need to worry. That night, Olivia went to sleep, head hurting from thinking of Smoky.

The next morning, Olivia woke up and wondered if Smoky came in after she went asleep. She excitedly raced to Smoky’s bed, but she only found it empty. Her heart pounded so hard that it gave her a headache.
Olivia woke her mom up and both of them got dressed and started looking all over the house for Smoky. They looked under tables, couches, chairs, behind bookshelves, inside drawers, but they just could not find Smoky. When they went out to the backyard, she squeezed her eyes shut and prayed that Smoky was happily running around, chasing squirrels. But Smoky was nowhere to be found. 
 When they came back in to eat breakfast, she heard a tiny meow. She thought she was just imagining things, so she just went back to eating. This time, a second meow. Olivia was getting really confused. By the third meow, she tried to follow where it came from.