by Jayden


I woke up and brushed my teeth tiredly. I felt like a koala. I was so bored and didn't know what to do, all I could do was think of sleeping. My mom reminded me that I had to go to my friends birthday party. My brain just EXPLODED. I totally forgot about the party. I dressed so quickly that I felt like the flash, I ran inside the car and sat down quickly. My mom told me to calm down and we didn't need to leave until 1:30. I got out of the car and got back into the house and sat down in front of the t.v and started watching.
We left to go to the bowling alley. When we got there we gave our presents and started bowling, it was super fun! We got to see a lot of our friends, we could play with them, talk to them or play bowling! after that we started our lunch, there were pizza, burgers, caeser salad, and other variety of food. we ate lunch in the party room in the bowling alley. We were having a lot of fun. After I finished my lunch I started to play with the balls on the multi level bowling ball rack. Then out of there was a ball falling down from one of the racks, I wanted to move my finger but I couldn't!
I was paralyzed with fear! When the ball fell I screamed in pain. I got up with tears flowing down my face and bolted to my mom to tell her. I thought I just bruised it but the pain did not ease up, it hurt as much as getting stomped by an elephant! I was shocked to find out that I fractured my finger. After that I to wear a tiny splinter on my finger for a month.
My thumb was in the splinter for a month! It was so hard to do anything when I wanted to play on my iPad my thumb couldn't do anything! It was so hard to eat with it, my thumb couldn't get a good grip on the spoon or fork. I was so happy after the month was over.

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