Diminishing Death Valley

by Arjun


We were in Death Valley. It was a nice day at least it wasn’t like the other days where the sun was as bright as electricity. Our family decided that it was cooler than most days so we went on a hike.

We had all our hiking tools in the trunk and we were really excited to be going on a hike in the hottest place in the U.S.A. We arrived and we went through an aisle that led to the hike. Once we got on the trail, there were small notches in the cliffs on either side of us. So, me and my brother started scrambling up the notches and even though the cliff looked really tough and hard the rocks were really loose and gravelly on the inside.

Eventually, we came to an intersection where we could finish the hike or keep going. Since we knew it would be scolding the other days we decided to keep going. As we were going it was getting increasingly hot. Then the cliffs on either side of us gave way and we realized how hot it was getting. After that we were draining water like a hose. Soon our dad told us to stop drinking water and the sun wasn’t showing any sign of stopping. The end wasn’t in sight either. We all realized that we were as red as Tomatoes. We couldn’t take any breaks either because there weren’t any benches and the stones were pretty hot.
Now the sun was beating down on us and I was wishing that there were still cliffs on either side of us to block the sun. I was sweaty, tired and worn out. But we had to keep going. My brother and I started arguing.
 “Why did you glug all the water in the beginning!”. “Well why didn’t you stop me?! Then my mom jumped in 
“ENOUGH! We're already tired, why do you guys have to fight now?” She was right so I just stopped talking to conserve energy. 
Speech Bubble
By this time I was ready to collapse on the ground and stay there, but we pushed on. Now I wished we could go back in time and take the exit instead of going on. The sun just kept getting hotter there was no stopping it, and we had no hats to shield our heads and body from the sun. My hopes were sinking of seeing the end of this endless hike. In my head we were in one of those T.V shows where they are stuck in the middle of the desert and there were cactuses and brambles blowing everywhere, minus the cactus and brambles and we were in the T.V show.