Jake's Problem

by Mahin


Jake's Problem
Jake was a 13 year old waiting for Saturday morning to go to his friend’s house. Jake was suddenly woken up by his mom and he did something he had never done before in his life. He zipped across his room to his wardrobe, put on his clothes, scarfed down his food and ran outside to his bike but there was one problem his parents wouldn't let him go. Why can't I go because you always go to your friend’s house. What's wrong with that what’s wrong with it is you are annoying Tyler’s parents for coming so often. Jake was beyond mad; he was raging. And in that moment he came up with a plan. 
Jake’s mom came up to his room the next day but something was wrong she could feel it as she entered the room. Once inside she looked at Jake and with mother’s intuition she found out what was wrong. She woke up Jake with an angry look on her face. Jake jumped out of fear, what mom Jake asked, stumbling on every single word. What were you doing at night she asked. Nothing, what were you doing. Nothing, JAKE IF YOU DON’T TELL ME WHAT YOU DID I AM GOING TO EXPLODE! Jake was so scared he peed his pants. It looked like he had stumbled into a pack of wolves judging from his face. Finally after a long time Jake broke from his mom’s glaring look.
All right, all right I went out to see Tyler. WHAT! I’m sorry but I really wanted to. Jake this is unacceptable you’ve broken my trust and once I tell your dad it will break his and with a hard slam of the door she went out of Jake’s room. Oh no oh no what do I do. Jake’s heart was pounding so hard you would think there was an explosion. Finally the moment he dreaded for Jake’s dad had entered the room. Hi Jake I heard what your mom said, you sneaked out of the house. Yeah I did I’m sorry dad for sneaking out of the house. Jake I’m not mad at you but I’m disappointed. Jake your punishment for this is to not play video games not watch TV and take out the garbage and finally you have to clean the dishes and put everything into the dishwasher for a full three weeks. What that isn’t fair. What isn't fair is that you did not listen to us.
For the past three weeks Jake had a horrible time until finally his punishment ended and his parents did something he never expected they would let him visit Tyler. What Jake said I never thought that you would let me visit Tyler anytime soon. We know, his mom said but because you did such a good job we made an exception and from there Jake realized how unfair he had been to his parents and never did anything like that again.