(copy) The time i won the national championship

by Rohan N


It was 6:00 in the morning i promised myself last night that i would get up early
Because it would be the big day.I got out of bed and walked my sleepy as a sloth self to the living room. My dad was making breakfast. He said good morning then he said to get my ski gear on i ate breakfast then i got into my gear and got in the car.

When we got there it was packed to the brim. We found a parking spot at the very end of the parking lot. We walk to the lodge, sorta like the main hub there is a restaurant etc. I saw my coach and my team and my dad walked over.I talked to my coach and he said I was going to do well. I wasn't so sure at the time. My coach said it was race time so i got on my ski and went on the lift. When we got to the top my coach told me that I was going to race tenth.
I said good because I did not have to wait long.there was only one more person in front of me
And he crashed. I got nervous. I thought what if that happens to me but I brushed it off.
The start gate official said are you ready? I said yes. He said 5 4 3 2 1 go,go,go shouted at my teammates. I passed the 1 first gate and the second I thought I was going to win. I was right. I was mid way through and I was a bit tired.

actual me
through and I was a bit tired. It is a long course after all. I was almost at the end i was very tired but i told myself just a little more. I made it!!!! I said yes and i said and looked at my time i was in first i waited till the end no one else but me i won. After I got my medal and my dad got me gummies.

actual me {in the middle}