A Voice

by Asmitha


Includes Audio!
A Voice
By Asmitha
If there was one thing Paarvati hated it was school. She didn't hate school because of work. She hated school because of Natasha and her gang. Natasha always loved to bully Paarvati and make her miserable.
It was a fine morning in Oak Ridge elementary school. Paarvati always walked around the playground during recess trying to avoid Natasha and her gang. Then she went to sit on the bench reading a book.
 “Lonely as usually right Paarvati”. Paarvati looked up and saw the face she hated seeing the most Natasha’s face. “What did you bring for lunch this time let me guess dog food” snickered Emma. Emma was Natasha’s best friend, Emma always followed Natasha, agreed with Natasha, and did whatever Natasha did. Emma was like Natasha’s worshiper.
“Can you please stop and it is called dosa” murmured Parvati as quiet as a mouse. “What did you just say” demanded Natasha furiously. Before Paarvati answered the bell rang just in time. She hurried over to her class line, she thought Natasha wouldn’t bully her since the teacher would be there.
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That night at home she walked into her grandma’s room and sat next to her. Her grandma may be old but she had some good advice. 
“Ammama some kids in my school keep on teasing me, what should I do”?
“Well Paarvati find your voice which is within you and use it, remember god gave you a voice for a reason”.
Then her grandma signaled her to leave the room. Paarvati went out the room wondering how to find her voice. She made a mental image of her standing up for herself. She replayed that mental image over and over again. “Only if could be like that she thought”.
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Find your voice.
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The next day at school Paarvati saw a unfamiliar face at the table next to her.
"Everyone we have a new student" Mrs. Argo announced, "his name is Shawn, Shawn come up here and you can share some things about yourself".
For a second no ones head went up then a head rose and someone went to the front of the room.
"H h hi I am Shawn, I came here from China and I really like reading."
Then he walked back to his desk without making a sound.
H h hi my name is Shawn!
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"Looks like we have another nerd in the class" Natasha whispered to Emily very loudly as everyone was walking down down to recess.
During recess Paarvati saw Shawn sitting alone and reading a book. She thought maybe she can ask him to be her friend and maybe then she might have someone to hangout with during recess. Paarvati gathered all her courage and walked up to Shawn whose face was burried in a book.
"Hi I am Paarvati and I thought maybe we can be friends."
Shawn raised his head from his book and stared at her. There was no reply for a seconds. Paarvati felt like she made a huge mistake.
"Sure" a voice piped up, it was Shawn.
"Great what do you want to do" Paarvati asked.
"How about we tell each other some things about ourselves."
"Sure" Paarvati replied!
So for the rest of recess Paarvati got to know Shawn better and Shawn got to know Paarvati better. They had so much in common. She had never had so much fun. Natasha kept glancing over at them but Paarvati didn't care. She was having so much fun with her new friend.