(copy) A new book

by Amanda


Book 1
2nd Coronavirus
By, Amanda
It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I decided to play some video games. See, since i'm not able to see my friends at school I decided to play some video games with them.
It was so fun! I was happy to be talking and laughing with my friends again. It was 12:00 and I had to go to lunch. I told my friends I would get on later. Then something of the unexpected happened. My mom came rushing to my room and told me that there is a 2nd coronavirus coming. It wasn't in California yet but we can't take any chances. This is very deadly. I was angry. I told all my friends and the rest of my family.
We have to do something about this I said strongly! I called my best friend Landon. He makes really cool yet strange gadgets and I think he can help. He said he can come over and check out this virus. Landon quickly came over and asked me, "What is this virus?" I said it is a second coronavirus and this one is way more deadly. You make cool gadgets right Landon? Maybe you can help. I mean you designed the Iphone 11 so I think you got it.
It won't be easy said Landon but I'll see what I can do. Minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks and weeks to months went by and we still haven't found something useful! Right when we were about to give up, Landon was shouting my name across the room. Amanda Amanda! I think I found something said Landon! See, I found this weird green glowing gem, you think it is important? I don't know I said, but maybe your on to something.
That doesn't look like a normal gem I started to say. But maybe, just maybe, it is the perfect thing to cure this virus. But wait, we need something to mix it with. There is something I never showed you said Landon. What? I shouted. I've been working on this for years and I think this very gem is the one thing i'm missing. It is a special juice that can help with some things.
Wow! I shouted from the top of my lungs, have you ever told anybody about this? No, he quickly answered, and it's going to stay that way. Anyways let's get back to work. More weeks went by and Landon kept studying the gem before he added the two ingredients together. He came over and said let's test it. Landon is certain that his juice will work but not the gem. Here goes nothing he said. We checked after he mixed the two and we tested it on a
leaf. It made the leaf all brown and it died. Nope! This is not it Landon shouted.
I knew it was your dumb rock! Hey! It was your discovery. Yeah but you believed in it. Well maybe it has a purpose, I said. How about this, I study with my juice and you study with the rock said Landon. Alright, i'll call you if I find something. Same, said Landon and we went our separate ways.
Well, there goes that I said. I'm not giving up on you gem, I know you have a purpose. Now, let's get to work. I'm not giving up this juice, said Landon. I know you'll get the job done. "Phone ringing" Hey, Amanda what's up? COME OVER, I said. Landon came. Look at this! WOW, said Landon. You, you, you found a cure! Yep! I never gave up on this rock. Wow, your going to get all of the fame and i'll just be in the corner.
Nah, I said. Don't worry, although you did most of the work I smiled. He smiled back at me. Say how did you do that? Said Landon. I bought a few things. How did you afford it? Well, let's just say it was magic. Amanda! Why did I just get a notification on my phone saying you spent 1,000 dollars on glitter and some other weird stuff, yelled my mom! Uh Oh, gotta run!