♡ Callie and Charlotte's Dilemma♡

by Hannah


Callie and Charlotte's Summer Vacation
By: Hannah
Speech Bubble
Speech Bubble
Meet Callie and Charlotte, two best friends.
She loves nature/animals, kind, helpful, friendly, kind of messy, and has a lot of imagination, just like Charlotte.
Callie has brown green eyes, long brown hair, always has different styles and very pretty.
Callie's Messy Scrapbook
Let me talk more about Callie and Charlotte's looks and personality. As I tell you about their looks and personality, just remember that Charlotte and Callie both have wild imaginations.) ♢
She also loves being helpful, loves flowers, and has blue gray eyes.
Charlotte in Spring
Charlotte has long, blonde hair, creative style, loves sports, loves art, kind, and caring.
Charlotte's Scrapbook
Charlotte's turn!
I love the beach :)
"Callieeeeeeeee!, Charlotteeeeeeee!" Charlotte's mom called. "Time to eat dinner, girls!" Callie and Charlotte sighed. They didn't want to leave the beach. They loved the beach so much. But they walked to Charlotte's mom's beachouse.
"Hey mom," Charlotte said sarcastically. "Hey Char and Cal," Charlotte's mom replied. "What are we having today?" Callie asked. "Wellll, we're having a barbeque with your dad, Charlotte." "Callie, your family-friend uncle." The girls looked at each other in surprise. "Thanks," they said. "We're excited." "Me too," Charlotte's mom said. "In honor of both of you guys' going to 7th grade in a few weeks."