Global Warming's Attack on Earth

by Alistair


Global Warming's Attack on Earth
by Alistair
The Beginning
One morning a boy awoke from his deep sleep of no dreams. His name is Philip. It would be another morning of global warming in San Diego, California. More and more smog fills up the air every day and many animals were getting hurt. Philip loved animals
He had a dog but only after many months of begging his parents, Ted and Janice. Every time he asked they would say, “No, you’re not responsible enough.” One day his parents saw how he desperately needed a companion to support him and on his ninth birthday they planned to get him a dog. The day they brought the adorable puppy labrador out, Philip was flabbergasted and named him Spot because most of his fur was black except for a big white Spot near his back. From that day on he and Spot would walk to school together. Philip's favorite thing to do is run around and play with Spot near Lake Tahoe’s crystal clear water. Spot was his best friend. The best he ever had, one who cared a lot, who was loyal, and who loved and cuddled him. Spot was always filled to the brim with pure clean energy.
Now back to Philip. He got out of bed and went downstairs to eat some cereal. When he arrived downstairs he got a surprising greeting of a lick in the face from Spot. “Cut it out!” Philip exclaimed. When Spot finally stopped licking him it was almost time for school. Philip raced through his breakfast, ran out the door, and was startled by something emerging from the porch bushes.   

“Ahh!,” Philip screamed, as someone started laughing like a maniac, Philip quickly realized it was Jason who had terrified him. Churning with anger he thinking, “oh after I’m done with jason he be begging for forgiveness!” “WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!.” he screeched

“Oh come on, it was hilarious,” Jason replied with a hint of amusement in his voice. “NO, IT WAS NOT!” Philip howled. By the time Jason came to his senses, Philip was fuming. He demanded an apology, and Jason eventually caved in. 
Then they started walking to school together with Spot. When they got there Spot waited patiently for Philip as he went inside. “What do you think we’re are going to do today?” Philip asked. “I think a math test,” Jason replied. Philip moaned, he didn’t study the night before. He might fail!! When the time for the test came he was very doubtful that he would pass. Although he might not pass he tried his best to do all the problems. In the end he got a 60%, although that's not very good he predicted it would be lower, so it was a achievement for him. After the test it was lunch. During that time Jason bugged him about how he didn’t study and how Philip should do extra studying that night. Philip hated studying late. He just liked to hang out and relax with Spot when he got home from school. Work on the weekend is even worse for him because it’s the only time of the week he gets to watch TV. When he got back to class it was time for gym. 

This was his favorite class of all because he’s really good at it and he loves to run, play, and see his friends. His gym teacher is Mr. Duhn. “Today we are going to play dodge ball,” Mr. Duhn exclaimed in a chipper tune, as always. They played for all of gym and when it was over they all went home and Spot was right outside waiting for him. When Philip came into sight Spot started wagging his tail like an out of control windmill. “Come on Spot it’s time to go home,” Philip announced. When Spot and Philip returned home, there was a note on the counter top from their mom and dad. It read,

“We will be home at 7:00 PM, sorry. There is some money on your desk for food, we are sorry we will be home so late. :).”
From Mom and Dad

Philip sighed, another night of his parents coming home very late. “At least I have you Spot,” Philip said gloomily. After that droopy proclamation, he got a text from Jason. It read, “Come meet me at the park, also bring your dog so we can play ball 🐶.” Philip’s spirits lifted a little bit. 

The Park
He went to his room and grabbed the money from his mom, and left the house with a partly happy look. When he got to the park he found Jason, snuck up behind him and jumped out, Jason screamed. Philip started laughing and said triumphantly, “THE TABLES HAVE TURNED JASON!”
OK Jason lets play ball. Even though it was a good day there was a lot of smog around the park and it was hard to breath. “Man.” Philip said “I’d think a hurricane would come soon with all this smog, pollution and global warming. “Well” said Jason, “If your birthday were coming up what would you want?” “A present for me would be no more global warming and pollution. If this keeps up there might be something horrible coming,” Philip said grimly. “The thing that is causing all this global warming is probably all the gasoline cars,” Jason said droopily. Philip suggested they play ball, but when he saw the sad look on Jason’s face he new what it meant, Jason hated global warming. So they played and played for hours until it was to smoggy to play, and went home to do their homework.
When Philip got home he went to the kitchen and got some food, then he went to his room and started studying and doing his homework. He finished in 1 hour and by that time his parents got home. When he heard the garage door open he rushed downstairs and into the garage. He rushed over to the midnight silver Tesla Model Y’s window and saw his mother driving. Although they came back late Philip was very happy because whenever they came back they always read to him or watched a movie with him. That night it was Friday, movie night, and it was his pick, so he picked How to Train Your Dragon 3. They watched and then they read to him, afterwards he put himself to bed and slept like a log. When he woke up the sun was extraordinarily bright. He wanted to watch TV, so he went downstairs to his Ipad. After a while Spot woke up and they went to the park and threw a ball around. 
When he got home he started watching TV and the news, it said “Please evacuate there is a hurricane, this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill.”
The Hurricane part 1/2
The moment when he saw the warning his parents got home and said “It’s time to go now Philip!” with fear in their voices. “There is a hurricane coming!!!!!” Then they got in the car to rush out of the city, but everybody was leaving and there was nowhere to go! There was so much traffic. “Are we going to be alright?” Philip asked with hopefulness in his voice. His parents simply said, “We don’t know at all son.” After they were a few blocks away from his house he realized Spot wasn’t in the car. He pushed open the door and rushed back to his house, slammed open his front door and sprinted to Spot who was asleep on the couch. Philip woke him up and carried him outside but it was too late. The strong winds were already close to his home, and it seemed inescapable, but just a few seconds before the hurricane hit him Jason's car pulled up right beside him and Jason said “jump in now.” He gladly obeyed and rushed into the car. Their car was fast but not extremely fast and may not be able to outrun the hurricane. The highway had cleared and Phillip’s parents were terrified for their son who had rushed to get Spot, their faithful, loyal dog that Philip loved. 
When they saw that their son didn’t come out when the hurricane hit their home they sobbed, they sobbed the whole way to the shelter. Meanwhile Philip was thinking “we are never going to make it.” When Philip’s parents got to the shelter his mom thought “please be alright.” After awhile the hurricane neared and the guard’s. Tried to convince them to go inside the shelter, but they resisted. “NO our son still might be alive” they protested still hoping and hoping that their son would come, but still he did not come. In the end they let the guards take them into the shelter. When they got to the lobby Philip’s mother cried, and cried, while. That was happening Philip and Jason were in a close encounter with the hurricane and Jason's parents were going 150 miles and hour. As soon as they got to the shelter the hurricane was dangerously close right. When they got inside they heard a boom. It was the shelter being hit by the hurricane. At least they were alive but Philip had no idea where his parents where. He looked for them using Spot to track them down and finally found them in the Lobby. When he saw them he Immediately shouted “MOM DAD.”
The Hurricane Part 2/2
They rushed over with joyful looks on their faces. They all hugged for what seemed to be a very long moment. When it was over they asked how he survived. He replied by saying “Jason and his family helped me.” They were overjoyed! When Jason and his family came out Philip's parents thanked them many times. “It was the least we could do for Philip, he has been such a good friend to Jason.” At that moment Jason smiled a bright toothy grin. Jason came rushing over to Philip and said “are you and Spot ok? Yeah” Philip answered with a dark look on his face. “Why the sad face” Jason asked? “Well I just figured something out. Do you know what caused the hurricane?” No I don’t” said Jason honestly. “It was global warming” Philip said darkly.

Jason said, “Maybe we should try to convince the people here to stop using gasoline car’s so much. Alright let’s do this,” Philip said confidently . He went to the highest place he could find and said in a loud booming voice so everybody could here, “DO YOU KNOW WHAT CAUSED THE HURRICANE!!!!!?? GLOBAL WARMING! That is what is happening to our town. If we don’t start taking better care of the environment in our town there is bound to be another natural disaster! If we keep the environmentally unfriendly lifestyle we will surely face another natural disaster. He’s right his” father agreed, “go check the park there is so much smog there,” when he agreed, everybody started nodding,clapping and cheering. From that day on global warming got it little bit better each day in the town of San Diego California