Halloween Stories

by Wild Mind Creative Writing Club


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Halloween Stories
By Wild Mind Creative Writing Club
Brian Sopher
The Escape
The alarms blared, lights flashed, screams of fellow guards echoed through the halls. I think he escaped. He was the most dangerous person in the whole asylum. We had to keep him in a sensory deprivation tank to keep him calm. We hooked him up to life support to keep him alive. He killed 52 people before he was caught. He was a cannibal, that’s all he did to survive, Kill. I heard my friend, Weslee Bowman, scream in terror. I ran for the exit door. I hopped in my Mustang and drove off. Or at least until I felt something thud on the tires of my car. I looked into the mirror to see Garland Aston, the warden on the road behind me. I screeched to a halt. I went to check on him. But he said, “Run. Save yourself,” in a raspy voice. Then Fraco Dennis (which was apparently his name) lunged at me. I dodged him but I needed to get to the car. It had been idling so I hopped in and drove off when he hopped on the back of my car. He smashed my back window. “My insurance ain’t gonna cover this,” I whined. I swerved but he had a strong hold. Then I slammed the brakes hard and then drove. He fell off the car. I drove off from the blaring asylum. I hoped I wasn’t going to see it again…

Jazzmyne Dawson
Girl in the White Gown
I'm going to write all this down so people can know what happened to me. So let me start at the beginning. Me and my daughter were planning to go explore and go in the woods. My daughter likes going out into the wilderness and watch the stars and look for new leaves or plants. We always go to the same spot. My daughter likes that spot, for some reason. My daughter says she likes it because she can see her dad. Her dad died when she was born. My daughter says he's tall. And he's really nice, she says. I say, well how do you know that. And she says, he's right next to us …

Caleb Mulinazzi
What Happened to Randy Vesly