A Night at the Manor

by Loïk Lafrance


A Night at the Manor
Loik Lafrance
On this windy October night, Kevin and his friends went to play hide and seek in the forest not far from the town. Once they arrived, Alfred decided to count, and the others went to hide in a hurry.
Kevin, without noticing, ran so far away that he couldn't even hear Alfred counting. That’s where things started to become strange. The wind blew stronger, the temperature lowered, the trees started to make weird cracking noises, and night had fallen. Completely disoriented, Kevin started seeing the light of a nearby manoir, deep in the forest. 
Determined to hide somewhere, he ran toward it to see if it had any good hiding places and had his attention drawn to the vast open door as if it were waiting for him to enter. As curious as he is, Kevin couldn't resist taking a look inside the big house. He stepped in the dark and felt an empty void behind him. He heard a loud bang. The door had shut itself and he wasn't able to open it. He then heard another loud bang coming from the stairs leading below. His spine shivered. A huge demonic-looking toad, which had just awakened from a long hibernation, climbed up the stairs and smelled the tasty human soul of Kevin. His shining teeth and his yellow eyes froze Kevin in place.
But at this moment, he saw an exit sign on top of the door at the other extremity of the hall and knew he had to take action.

Kevin jumped over a moldy table and started running towards the small exit. Excited and proud of himself for this trickery, he started screaming with joy and slowed down to make fun of the evil beast. However, the toad unleashed its tongue and grabbed the child in an instant, without letting him react. The monster then slowly chewed the warm and lifeless body of the boy and went back to his lair to enter into another deep sleep... until Kevin’s friends started to search for him…

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