Life Full of Colors

by Connor M


Life Full of Colors
Connor M
A Colorful Future
Mia Angelo, a young teenage girl, sits in her peaceful garage, staring at a blank canvas. Her mind races back and forth, thinking about her next piece.

The math and art books in the back of her room scattered; Mia has read every single page of them.

Her room blocks the noisy Downtown Los Angeles traffic that surrounds her house. Mia looks out her window for inspiration, but the rain covers it up.

 Her gold necklace sways as Mia gently places the soft brush against the painting, letting all of her thoughts and feelings out onto one singular piece of paper. Her face lights up like the sun while seeing the colors juxtapose in the painting.

After painting for hours, she holds the canvas up like a newborn son. Mia realizes that her favorite hobby could turn into something special in the future.
A Broken Dream
Mia runs out of her room, thinking about the endless possibilities painting could allow her to have later on in life. Eager to tell her father about her dream, Mia rushes towards him.

Miguel, Mia’s father, sits on the couch, almost passed out. He turns the television off, showing a game of poker, and sets down his glass cup filled with whiskey.

Mia’s mouth talks like a high-speed car while her dad stares blankly at her. Mia takes a couple of deep breaths to calm herself down.

She tells her father that she thinks her wonderful painting skills will be enough for her to get accepted into some top art colleges.

Mia can practically see the steam coming out of her father’s head. Miguel yells at Mia, telling her that he did not work hard his whole life and started a million-dollar company just for her to join some silly art school.
Tears flow down Mia’s face while she sprints out of the room, trying to hold her emotions in.

She finds herself heading straight to a place of happiness and freedom, her art room.

Miguel noticing she left to go to the garage, gets up from the couch and walks over to her.

After seeing that Mia went back to painting, Miguel angrily takes a massive drink of his whiskey and thinks of how to stop Mia from continuing her silly hobby.
The next day Mia returns from school and walks straight to her garage to paint how she felt school went today.
The feeling of joy flows throughout her body, knowing she has aced her math test, and she excitedly opens the door to have another great night of painting.

She sits down on her wooden chair and practices different painting techniques to heighten her chances of being accepted into an art college.

Confusion strikes Mia when she sees her father enter the room and grab all of her paintbrushes.

Mia begs her father to put them down, but she knows he has made up his mind.

One by one, Miguel snaps them while Mia begs him to stop. Every break feels like a blade to the heart.

Once Miguel breaks all the paintbrushes, he turns toward the canvases and punches a hole into each one. Mia can hear the canvases crying out for help.

Mia asked, “Why?” Miguel tells her angrily that she will receive consequences for not listening to him.
Mia’s heartthrobs now, knowing her father does not care about what she wants at all.

They stare at each other for minutes, and their tension cannot be cut by a knife.

Finally, Mia stands up for herself by grabbing Miguel’s drink and violently throwing it on the ground.

Miguel restrains himself from hitting Mia as he used to in the past because he remembers the time their neighbors called the cops on him after hearing a loud cry come from the house.

Mia tells her vicious father that she is applying to art colleges and does not care how he feels about it.