Revenge isn't the Way

by Preston M


Revenge Isn't the Way
By: Preston M
Inspiration for Revenge
The family of four, exits the church into the humid Nevada weather. It was a great start to the day for the Wilson family, with church bells ringing and birds chirping. The family headed to their usual lunch spot, about 5 minutes from the church to once again, celebrate 15-year-old Isabella's A+ math test. Isabella has always been a fantastic student, It is now her freshman year and she strives to end the year with an A+ in every class. 11-year-old Jenna on the other hand, has had it out for Isabella ever since she broke Jenna's favorite doll 3 years, ago in 2016. Jenna wasnt always as rude and needy as she is now. Though, since Isabella broke her doll, everything has went downhill in Jennas attitude.
After hours of thinking and planning, Jenna decided to do something a lot simpler than what she thought she would do. Jenna decided to just hide Isabellas project somewhere but had no clue where.
Evil Thoughts
While the family is about halfway through eating lunch, Isabella brings up how she has an upcoming project worth 100 points! Jenna knew that this is was a great opportunity to ruin Isabella. Jenna was constantly thinking about how she would sabotage Isabella.
After hours of thinking and planning, Jenna decided to do something a lot simpler than what she thought she would do. Jenna decided to just hide Isabellas project somewhere but had no clue where.
Hidden Needs
A week has gone by and Isabella left her finished project on the dining room table. Jenna, impetuously grabbed it and hid it inside the dog house in their backyard. In hopes that Isabella wouldn't find it and get a bad grade. An hour later Isabella continued searching for her project like her life depended on it. Isabella was panicking and didnt know what to do until her dog started to bark, at that moment she realized that she didnt check the dog house. Isabella sprinted to the dog house and there it was. Good as new, Isabella was relived, but deep down inside she knew that Jenna was behind this mishap. Isabella turned in her project, and as expected, received an A+.
Pushing Through
It has been two weeks, 15 year old Isabella is preparing for a huge math test that can really impact her future academic opportunities. Jenna decides to start messing with Isabella earlier in her studying process. Jenna attempts to distract Isabella by playing loud and distracting music. Minutes later, Jenna accidentally spills a cup of water on Isabellas notes, causing Isabella to panick and frantically rewrite her notes. The night before the test, Isabella is up studying while Jenna is watching TV. In the morning Isabella wakes up to see that Jenna has ruined all of her writing supplies leaving Isabella with only one pencil for her test. Despite all of these setbacks, Isabella remains determined to take, and pass this test. While taking the test, Isabella struggles reading her notes written in pencil, this causes her to notice that Jenna has also taken all of the erasers. Isabella refused to let this slow her down.
In the end, Isabella receivers her test results and discovers that she got an A+.Despite Jenna’s efforts to sabotage her, Isabellas hard work, and determination paid off.
The Final Test
Isabella stood in front of her locker anxiously. She has worked very hard to maintain her perfect GPA and had her heart set on ending the year with straight A’s. However, Jenna had other plans. As Isabella reached for her books a cold liquid splattered onto her shirt. Isabella knew right away that Jenna had stuck again. Ruining all of her school work and endangering her chances of completing the year with all A’s.
Isabella turned around and Jenna was standing there about five feet away with a smirk on her face. Isabellas anger boiled as he walked over to confront her sister. Jenna didnt move an inch, refusing to apologize. The bell rang signaling the last class of Isabellas freshman year. Isabella didnt know if she should storm away and miss her exam or just face the challenge. The stakes were high and tension was palpable. Isabella remained calm, and with determination in her eyes, she enters her classroom unsure of what the outcome would be, butb she continued to fight through it all.
New Beginnings
And she did, Isabella passed her exam with an A! Jenna accepted it and realized that their was nothing she can do, and realized that being upset and seeking revenge on her sister wouldnt change anything.