The Olympic Chase

by Atticus VG


The Deadly Olympic Chase
By Atticus VG
Recalcitrant First Impressions
Five United States Army commanders dressed in dark black, neat suits patched with colorful war metals sit on a balcony overlooking the 2024 Olympics, the most prestigious and venerable game in history.  Among these five commanders stands the proud, large, and thirty-five-year-old Bryan Johnson, who managed to organize the games attended by hundreds of thousands of diverse, anticipating people that press tightly against each other in the concrete colosseum stands surrounding running lanes and grass fields.  
On the summit of the opposite side of the stadium resides the twenty-year-old famous rock and Olympic opening singer Jane Caroline.
A notoriously rebellious protester who expresses hatred for the military. She grips her white guitar tightly and stands tall with her slim stature. Given the cue to commence the Olympic anthem, Jane's voice blasts into a skinny microphone that projects her beautiful notes into the crowd. Once finished, she receives an eruption of applause from the audience. In exchange, Bryan gets an approving nod from his associates. But another song from Jane blares out again, a song with anti-war messages.
Deadly Drill Sargent
One of Bryan’s associates gestures a slight hand wave and walks over to him, alerting him that the first general demands a meeting. Immediately, Bryan bolts to the first general's lofty office, sitting atop the stadium, where he is greeted with a scream. “How could you shame the United States of America? I put you in charge for a reason! These Olympics are supposed to help our country gain support for war fair, not the opposite. Do you want to keep your job or not?” “Of course, I do,” Bryan responds softly. “Then find Jane and arrest her or kill her,” yells the general. “Yes sir,” says Bryan as he leaves and slams the office door behind him. Bryan then spots a tall security guard and asks where he could find Jane Caroline. “Backstage,” the guard replies in a low voice. Instantly, the commander runs down a steep set of stairs that lead to the large backstage under the stadium.
Hundreds of people in black production uniforms and tech gear fill the area with Jane nowhere to be found. “How will I find Jane,” Bryan wonders. But to his luck, a red Christmas hat worn by the singer swiftly moves through the crowd. “By the United States of America, you are under arrest," howls Bryan. But instead of freezing Jane, she sprints away, charging through the crowd. The commander follows but quickly realizes Jane will outrun him. So, he draws his gun and clenches the trigger locked on th head of Jane like an eagle tracking its prey. The silver bullet blasts through the air and swooshes past Jane’s head, hitting a wall and permitting her to escape from the arena.
An Indirect Pursuit
“Well there goes my job,” huffs Bryan. Suddenly he thinks, “I need to put someone valuable to Jane under threat, so she confronts me or I find out her location!” Thus, he finds a police officer and asks where Jane Caroline’s mother lives: downtown San Francisco. Bryan then gets into his car and drives to the white, small house where he creeps up to the door and bangs it open, causing it to fall and revealing an old woman slumped in her chair scared to death. “Put your hands up! I am Commander Bryan Johnson! If you tell me where your daughter is, you will not get hurt!” In response, Jane’s mother rebelliously shouts, “I am not telling you anything!”