(copy) Ein neues Buch

by Elvis


The Cookie Monster
In the morning, Tom woke up in his bed because his mom called him for breakfast, he felt a little bit sick, but today he had a presentation in biology at school. His mom gave him cookies for the way to school. Tom was ready for school, but on his way it started to get very foggy and cold. Suddenly a shadow ran across the street and he panicked a little bit. But when it reached the other side of the street, he realized that it was just a black cat.
When he arrived at school, the first lesson was biology. During the break, Tom usually ate his snack but that day he wasn’t hungry at all, so he shared the cookies which his mom especially made for him, with his classmates. After  school he went to his favorite restaurant and every time he payed for the food he got a free cookie there. These were his favorite cookies, so he ate it. While he was eating  the cookie he had a strange feeling, and something was whispering in his ear, but he couldn't identify it.
Back at home he did his homework, and in the evening it was getting very cold. When he walked up the stairs to his room he realized that he had forgotten to close his windows in the morning. His mom brought some cookies to his room, and he asked himself why she had made so many cookies today. Tom ate the cookies while he was watching a movie and every time he ate cookie something knocked on his door or the windows were opening and closing because it was very windy outside, or sometimes he heard a cat meowing outside. When he looked through the window he saw a black cat on a tree near his window. It was the same cat which he had seen in the morning. Every second he started to feel sicker. He was such a panic that he couldn’t even call his mom.
Later at night he tried to sleep, but he was a little hungry, so he ate the cookies that the mother had brought into the room. Suddenly lightning struck a tree and just for a second he could see a big monster standing in the corner which was watching him. It got pitch dark and he could hear the monster walking through his room angrily. He tried to hide under his blanket, but he was frozen with fear.
The monster was whispering:,, I want cookies”, in the moment Tom realized that whenever he ate a cookie some strange things were happening. There was still one cookie on the plate, while he was thinking how to stop the monster. The monster got closer to him. It tried to hit him but in the same moment Tom put the cookie into the monster’s mouth.