(copy) The Bride

by Lea


The bride
This story is about two girls, an older one named Sara and
her younger sister named Anna. Their beloved mother had died two years ago. Their father was a policeman who worked hard to make his daughters happy, but they refused to move on.
They lived in their old, a maybe a bit scary, house with group of forest trees in the garden. Some of the windows at their house were boarded up because the top floor was so old that the whole house would break down. Like always in an old house there was a little space between the walls, but at this point the children didn’t know what or who was living between their walls.
On one day the sisters decided to try to talk to their mother’s ghost. So, they started to take lots of  candles down to the basement. They made a big circle out of these candles so they could sit in the circle.
Anna went to a closet in the big room . When she opened the closet door, a big white thing covered her. She screamed and her sister ran to help her but then they realized that it was just the old wedding dress and a wig of her mom. They put it back in the closet and took the Ouija board out. Everything was ready to summon their mom’s soul to talk to her.
The wind was whistling through one opened window. The candles were casting shadows on the wall and outside the house ravens were screeching. The girls sat down, looked deep into each other’s eyes, and put their hands on the board. “Mom? Can you hear us? Give us a sign!”, Sara said. Suddenly their hands started to move, and both looked at the board excitedly waiting for their mother to answer. But then they heard their father open the door. “Girls! I’m home!” They got scared, because they knew their father wouldn’t  like it when he realized what they were doing. As fast as they could they tried to clean up everything so he wouldn’t notice what they were doing. Then they went upstairs to greet their father.
It was a stormy night, and the full moon was shining brightly. The sisters both tried to sleep but after that nerve wracking day they just couldn’t. The girls suddenly heard a loud knock. Their rooms were next to each other so both heard it. And again, there was an even louder knock than the one before. And as if it was not enough they all of a sudden heard many knocks one after the other. Some very loud, some so silent that you must be very quiet to hear them. Anna got so scared that she went to Sara’s room and asked her sister if they could share a bed for tonight. When Sara agreed, they went back to bed and lay down next to each other. During the night the knocks wouldn’t stop so the girls decided to try to sleep
When they woke up on the next day both sisters were not rested and wanted to skip school, but their father didn’t allow them to stay at home. So, they went to school. On the way they met David their neighbor’s son. They didn’t like him because he was a bit strange. He liked to kill dogs he found alone on the street and other animals. So, they didn’t talk to him.