(copy) Ein neues Buch

by Donia

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Hide and kill
It was an evening in autumn. Leyla, Milano and Caspa were sitting on Leyla's big bed. The lights were off. Only Leyla's phone was on, which made the room a little bit lighter. The three best friends were searching for spooky stories on their phones. While they were searching for spooky stories, Leyla's dad was standing behind the door ready to give them some self made juice.
,Look! It is said that the forest is haunted. When you enter the forest at 3 a.m., you see a big, scary clown," Caspa said. Milano was motivated to give it a try to see if the story was true. What if we get kidnapped?” said Leila.
Suddenly the door flew open and Leyla's dad entered the room. He gave everyone some juice and then he left.
At 3 am when everyone was sleeping, Milano woke up his friends to go to the forest. Caspa packed a bag with a flash light, a bottle of water, a medikit and some snacks while Leyla was checking if her family was still asleep and Milano was trying to find a way out of the window. He decided to hang a blanket out of the window and to climb down slowly.
After climbing out the window, the three best friends set off into the woods. The forest was cold and dark. Only Casper's flashlight made the forest shine brighter. Yellow eyes hid between tall trees. Leaves fell from the trees. The owl howled and the wind whispered. There was a long mountain trail bike.
Caspa went first because he was holding the flashlight. After him came Milano and then Leyla. Leyla got more and more scared. "Well, I don't see any clowns. "Guys, I think that's just a lie," Casper said. "Don't be a scared rabbit, Casper. You're a grown man." said Milano. They both started arguing.
When Leyla heard a noise behind her, like someone is hidding in the trees. ,, Guys.. Guys.. GUYS!!! I heard some noises!"Leyla shouted. Milano went to check where the sound came from when suddenly a big men with a knife in a Clown costume , which was covered in blood, came out of the trees.
A big black smile was on his face to see and his hair looked like he hadn't brushed his hair for a while.
Milano got scared and stumbled backwards, Leyla screamed and Casper took Leyla's hand and started running. The clown ran after them and yelled, "Don't ever come back to my forest AHHHH!"