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by 4F

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Daylight brings death
Ella Koller
On a cold winter afternoon, as always after school, Marley and her best friend Ann went into the forest near their school.

That day Ann wore her favorite pink frilly dress and her blond hair was combed into a side parting. Marley wore a simple yellow dress, her wild black curls stood out in all directions. On her winter jacket was sparkling a proudly star brooch she had won in the spelling competition.

In the forest there was their “secret” shed they once built when they were seven years old.
As they went deeper and deeper into the forest Ann could hear her clanging wind chime, she once put on their shed door. In the distance she saw their small wooden shed, its round window with yellow glass, the half-dead potted flowers standing next to the door. As they got closer, they heard some kind of fluttering in the shed. Ann and Marley looked at each other in confusion, then Marley nodded resolutely and raised her hand for a countdown 3, 2, 1 ... she flung the door open.
They saw a dark creature darting back and forth above their heads. They screamed when they suddenly heard a dull tock. When their eyes got used to the darkness, they saw a bat on the floor. That was the creepy creature! Was it dead? She was just able to finish this thought when the bat opened its eyes. The eyes were as blue as the sky. Ann recognizes that its wing was hurt. First Ann was scared, but when she looked in the eyes of this poor animal, she could see that it wouldn’t attack her, so she slowly went closer to take a closer look at the wing. It wasn’t bleeding, Ann thought that was a good sign.
Marley and Ann decided to help the bat to get healthy and gave it a name: SKY. Every day they brought something to eat to the bat, until its wing was repaired. They quickly bonded with Sky and became good friends.

On another winter afternoon, Ann and Marley were on the way to their shed. They were excited to see Sky again, all way to the shed they were talking about what they could play that day with Sky. Today Marley carried a basket full of strawberries from her mother’s garden, they wondered, they never heard from a bat which liked strawberries, but they didn’t waste another thought about it. As they went closer to the shed they could hear someone crying. Ann and Marley looked around to see who was crying but they couldn’t see someone. Then they recognized that the sobbing came from their shed!
Ann opened the door… in the shed there was a girl. She was sitting on the floor and was crying in her hands. Her black straight hair was falling into her face and her skin was white as snow. When she looked at Ann with her swollen eyes, she looks as if she had cried for hours, Ann was surprised, she had the same blue eyes as Sky … The girl stopped crying, sniffed and said insecurely: “Eh, hello Marly, hello Ann.” Ann and Marly gasped how could she know their names!? That wasn’t possible … was she going crazy? But she spoke out her thought: “Hey Sky.” Marley was looking at her like if she had lost her mind, but the girl said: “Yes I’m Sky and I have to say goodbye.”
Ann and Marley were on the way home. “What a day! I can’t believe that we will never see Sky again!” said Ann. “And I can’t believe that Sky is a vampire!” Marley laughed bitterly. Sadly, said Ann “Yeah, poor Sky I never could imagine living my whole live lonely in a castle and no way to go out.” “But she found a way out!” reminded her Marley. Ann was thinking …

Sky told them that she lived in a castle behind the forest, at the edge of a cliff. Her father held her captive in the castle because he was too scared that humans wouldn’t accept them. This year Sky found a secret passage. She didn't waste time; she flew to the forest and noticed their shed. She was curios, so she went into their shed and there she met Ann and Marley, but her father found out, that she had found a way to escape!

“We have to do something! I am sure, if we prove to her father that humans would accept them, he will let her go out again.” Even by her standards, that sounded a bit too optimistic, thought Marley, but she didn’t say anything because she didn't want to destroy her hope, so they decided to go to the castle at night.
The full moon was shining, and the leaves were rustling in the wind. Ravens were screeching and flying through the black cloudy sky. Ann and Marley were holding hands and walking through the forest, only the moon offered them just enough light to see something. When they arrived the end of the forest, they saw the huge castle, it seems like shadows were dancing across the black castle walls. Around the castle there was a huge rose garden of black wilted roses. While they were walking through the rose garden, they took care not to step on the black roses. It seemed like the roses wanted to share their sorrow with them. When they reached the huge wooden door, bevor they even could knock, the door opened. Like the castle was alive … hesitantly they entered the castle.
They stood in a huge hall, it was lit by hundreds of candles. On their right, there was one huge window, but it was covered by a big blood-red curtain. In front of them there was a bride wooden stair. All of a sudden, with a strange noise, the lights were flickering and went out, but over the stairs another candlelight went on. Marley stood like frozen in the hallway and was breathing with difficulty, but Ann said: “Come on, that could be Sky.” She dragged Marley to the stairs and climbed up. The stairs were creaking under their footsteps. When they reached the end of it, there was a long corridor, it seems like it would never end. Not far from them, there was just one door and a small gap was open. They slowly went closer, to peek inside …