(copy) Ein neues Buch

by 4F


Daylight brings death
Ella Koller
On a cold winter afternoon, as always after school, Marley and her best friend Ann went into the forest near their school.

That day Ann wore her favorite pink frilly dress and her blond hair was combed into a side parting. Marley wore a simple yellow dress, her wild black curls stood out in all directions. On her winter jacket was sparkling a proudly star brooch she had won in the spelling competition.

In the forest there was their “secret” shed they once built when they were seven years old.
As they went deeper and deeper into the forest Ann could hear her clanging wind chime, she once put on their shed door. In the distance she saw their small wooden shed, its round window with yellow glass, the half-dead potted flowers standing next to the door. As they got closer, they heard some kind of fluttering in the shed. Ann and Marley looked at each other in confusion, then Marley nodded resolutely and raised her hand for a countdown 3, 2, 1 ... she flung the door open.
They saw a dark creature darting back and forth above their heads. They screamed when they suddenly heard a dull tock. When their eyes got used to the darkness, they saw a bat on the floor. That was the creepy creature! Was it dead? She was just able to finish this thought when the bat opened its eyes. The eyes were as blue as the sky. Ann recognizes that its wing was hurt. First Ann was scared, but when she looked in the eyes of this poor animal, she could see that it wouldn’t attack her, so she slowly went closer to take a closer look at the wing. It wasn’t bleeding, Ann thought that was a good sign.
Marley and Ann decided to help the bat to get healthy and gave it a name: SKY. Every day they brought something to eat to the bat, until its wing was repaired. They quickly bonded with Sky and became good friends.

On another winter afternoon, Ann and Marley were on the way to their shed. They were excited to see Sky again, all way to the shed they were talking about what they could play that day with Sky. Today Marley carried a basket full of strawberries from her mother’s garden, they wondered, they never heard from a bat which liked strawberries, but they didn’t waste another thought about it. As they went closer to the shed they could hear someone crying. Ann and Marley looked around to see who was crying but they couldn’t see someone. Then they recognized that the sobbing came from their shed!