(copy) Who is Granny?

by Valentin


Valentin K.
Who is Granny

A horrible day was about to start. Tom and Paul, two young and friendly siblings lived alone with their mother and were visiting their grandma in the middle of nowhere. Granny lived in a small village which nobody knew about, because it didn't even have a name.
Grandpa had died many years ago, so Granny lived alone in an old house. The next supermarket was far away so Granny planted her own vegetables and fruit. After a long day where the siblings worked hard in the garden, they could finally go to sleep. Suddenly they heard a strange sound downstairs. That made Paul curious and he decided to check what was going on. There he saw granny sitting in her chair. You could see a blue fire flickering in her eyes. And there was a spooky light all around her body. Paul’s voice was trembling with fear and he couldn’t move, “Grr-rany”.

Suddenly a cold hand touched Pauls shoulder and he woke up with a scream. He looked around him. He was sitting in his bed. Next to him Tom was sleeping like a baby. That was not the first time Paul had a nightmare, but this nightmare was different, it felt so real. Tom and Paul went downstairs to eat breakfast and there they already saw granny sitting in her chair. “Good morning boys” she said with a deep voice which gave Paul goosebumps. Two big bowls with cereal were standing on the table. Tom and Paul started to eat. “Near my house a fun park has opened, maybe we could visit it in the afternoon if you like to?” she said with her normal voice again. Tom got excited but Paul had a strange feeling. “Why would a fun park open in the middle of nowhere?” He thought.

Paul was changing his clothes in his room. He could hear granny’s voice “We have to hurry up, before the weather changes”. Paul looked out of his window and was surprised, he could see a big grey cloud far off in the distance. He grabbed his pullover and went downstairs. Tom and Granny were already waiting for him.
They walked for about one hour but it felt
like three. It was already dark and you could see the moon. You could hear owls hooting and you could feel the wind all over your body. Paul had a very strange feeling, but he moved on. After a while they could make out a ferris wheel in the darkness. “Welcome to the nowhere fun park” was written on a big sign. A big strange looking man was standing in front of the entrance. “Come on guys, keep moving”, Granny said as she was walking to the strange looking man to buy some tickets. “Welcome to the nowhere fun park” he said like a robot.