(copy) Ein neues Buch

by Kevin

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Spider Suprise
It was a warm day in October the leaves were falling, and the wind was whistling through the trees. It was already getting dark. Max and his friend Tobias were heading to Max’s house. Suddenly the streetlights went out. Max was frightened. And Tobias was scared and told Max to run home. They ran home and locked the door behind them.
Max’s house was part of a row of houses. The only thing that separated them was the bushes around the garden. There was a dark forest behind the house. They felt relieved when they were inside Max’s house. Still, Tobias was a bit frightened because a dog was barking loudly, and crows were screeching. But Max told him that that was normal and there was no reason to be frightened. Max was hungry so he made food in the microwave.
Suddenly the power went out. And Tobias already complained that the dogs would come in and eat us. But Max stopped him and said: “Do not say that, that is normal we have problems with our power. Tobias grabbed a flashlight. It was so bright that he could see the whole living room. Suddenly a big and black spider came in through the window in the living room
Tobias jumped up and ran into the basement to tell Max about what he had seen. They both went through the second entrance into the garden. It was already dark outside. The wind was howling even more than before. Without a warning, a white creature ran by the entrance of the garden.
Max was scared so he whispered to Tobias: “Let's go into the forest and hide there. They ran into the forest and hid under a bush. It was almost pitch-dark in there. But then they heard footsteps. They were coming closer and closer. But it was just Max’s parents. They were laughing “it was just a prank. It's Halloween today, did you forget that?” they said.
Max felt confused “all of that wasn’t real.” Tobias just gave them a confused face. He screamed, “All of that was fake”! They both felt embarrassed. A little while later Tobias went home and told his parents about what happened. They were laughing.

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